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New to Slimming World.. need advice


Hi Everyone , I've recently changed from WW to SW .. The change over is really difficult to get to grips with.

Am I doing this right...

Your only aloud one option from "a" choices and one from "b" choices a day

Then you have your free and superfree which you can have as much of as you like .

& Then your 15 syns....

Im just not too sure.

also I am in work today so I had to grap a ready meal to bring with me to work its a WW chicken and mushroom pasta meal.... Can I have this as a frr/superfree food and then Syn the dressin/sauce or would it be a totaly Free meal..

any tips & tricks / advice is much welcomed as I get to grips with the new way of life being slimming world :)

Thanks Everyone :D
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A lot of people in my Saturday morning group say going from ww to sw is difficult and the consultant said just try and forget everything u know about ww cos you'll get confused and it's completely different. If doing extra easy plan then u have 1 choice from a and b and all meals are made up of 2/3rds free and a 1/3 superfree with 5- 15 syns a day Think the meal u have might be synned bur u can check on the sw website to see if it is or not. It took me a while to get into it and my tips are to keep reading the books till ur 100% sure and plan ur meals in advance. Good luck.
Thanks so Much Lucy..

I was a bit worried. Your right WW has to be forgotten. Thank you again :)


is getting better at it
if you look in the sub sections above there is a thread on the plans and also one for the syn values on stuff and i think it has a thread on ww foods, they will explain it to you so much better than i can
Hello and welcome, just had a look on SW website, is this what you had?

Creamy Chicken & Mushroom with Penne Pasta, frozen, 330g pack, its 7 syns on the Extra Easy plan.
Most ready meals have syns in. I think there is a thread in one of the subforums with lots of syn values for ready meals.
I don't tend to have many ready meals doing SW as I like to save syns for a few treats or things to make my meals tastier like gravy, mayo etc.

Good luck with SW!


Put the kettle on
If you struggle with weekend work etc, try making meals from scratch in bulk and freeze them. Ive found this really helpful as I work shifts and often want a hot meal i can sort out quickly at work.
If you struggle with weekend work etc, try making meals from scratch in bulk and freeze them. Ive found this really helpful as I work shifts and often want a hot meal i can sort out quickly at work.
I agree, I think this is a really good idea if you have times where you just have to grab something quick, just like grabbing a ready meal from the freezer but you are more in control of the syns and lots of the time it can be syn free!
Hi there, great advice from everyone else here but I just wanted to saw that you will get to grips with it! I did WW before SW and was quite confused at first but now I love the plan (and being 5 stone lighter lol). This forum is a great source of support and people be usually happy to help so if you have any questions just ask x
I joined SW yesterday evening and enjoying it so far! I have lost 2.5 stone on WW but have recently hit a wall and become fed up with having to count the points of everything that I eat. A couple of the girls at work swear by SW and have inspired me to make the change the join! Have been lurking on this site for a few weeks now and love the support and help that you all give each other! I'm following the Green plan - I'm a very fussy eater, eating minimal veg and hating all fruit and salad but I love pasta, potato, lentils etc! The consultant is so lovely and didn't make me feel stupid about hating salad etc as I have been made to feel in the past by WW groups. I came away feeling very uplifted :) Look forward to sharing the next part of my weight lost journey with you all x
try and remember the 1/3 superfree recommendation if you are doing EE, a third of your plate should have superfree, every meal

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