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New to Slimming World, not to the weight loss journey though!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Aissa, 11 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. Aissa

    Aissa Member

    Hi all

    I just wanted to pop up and say Hello.

    I've been getting used to slimming world for a few weeks now, but this week is what I'm classing as my first week as I've been transitioning from low carb (and I had a Birthday, with cake).

    I'm mainly sticking to green days at the moment as it's easier for me, but I'll be dabbling with some EE days as I go forward. EE will require a lot more planning as I struggle to get my third superfree, but I'm learning more and more what I like and what I can have, carrot and swede mash is helping lots!

    I'm thinking of starting a diary up to keep track, that way you can all get shouty if I am doing it wrong :)

    Speak soon.

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