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New to Slimming World

Hi all!!

I'm new to Slimming World after being introduced to it by my Nan and Uncle (I've not yet joined the classed, just have lots of books and got told how it works!)

I just wanted to know if it sounds like I'm doing it right! Todays my first day and it seems like I've eaten a hell of a lot and feel a bit naughty but apparently, its all ok!
I decided on a green day, and have eaten so far;

2x Low fat Alpen ceral bars
1x Fat free weight watchers yoghurt

Jacket potatoe
Lettuce, mushrooms and cucumber salad with fat free french dressing
3 x Dairylea light triangles (As a healthy extra)

Corn on the cob (No butter)

Tin of Bachelors mushy peas with mint sauce

A bread roll

Like I said, I just feel like I've eaten a lot and need reassuring that I've actually done ok (If I have that is!)

Thanks guys!
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Hi, i always do EE so im not 100% on the green days, but it looks like your doing fine. I dont think your eating too much at all! Just keep filling up on all your free/superfree foods. Jacket potato with mushrooms and cheese triange sound yum. Might have to try that one! R u only going to have a tin of mushy peas for your dinner?! xx
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Hi and welcome! It can be quite a shock that you don't need to be hungry on a diet can't it. Your menu looks fine to me, I don't know what the bachelors thing is, is it soup? Or just a tin of mushy peas.:eek: You can also have up to 15 syns so have something you really fancy later, that way you won't feel deprived and will stick to it with no problem.:D


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welcome to sw....can I just say is that all you are having :eek::eek::D its not a lot.

Is a tin of peas all you are having for tea I would be starving.

If you are doing a green day you will need to have 1 or 2 healthy extra A's and 2 heb's, if your bread roll was 57g you can count it as a heb.

Have a look at some of the food diaries for a green day it will give you some ideas of the kind of meals you can have.

You definitely need to eat more or you will end up starving I would have thought and maybe fall of plan.

good luck :D
Haha well thats a relief. I thought I'd been naughty cos I've not really felt hungry!
As for my tea - I had a late lunch so a tin of mushy peas/soup thing was fine I had crisp breads with it too lol.

Its difficult for me with the healthy As as I do have a slightly lactose intolerance and although cheese and yogurts fine, milk is a big big no no!!

As for syns - I'm not sure I can manage 15 today haha! But I;m at work back to my boring job tomorrow so I'm sure 15 syns will go down a treat lol!

Thanks for the help guys :) I go on holiday in 8 and a half weeks and I hope to lose a stone (any more would be super amazing!!)


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There are lactose free alternatives to milk that you can have as a HEa choice. Don't forget that you can also have cheese as your HEA too.

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welcome here is great for advice, i would agree that use your syns to satisfy any pangs for treats.

Dont think i could survive on mushy pea stuff for dinner - i love my SW free meals!!!

good luck
Thanks all. I've found this forum very helpful so far! Oh and I wont be making a habit of mushy peas for dinner, evening meal is the best of the day and I usually make the most of it lol xx
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Just to say that the Lactofree cheese and milk taste like normal - we buy it for my daughter but all use it now.
I'm with the others on this. A TIN OF PEAS!!!!!!Your brain will go mushy if you do that too often. Sw is about being healthy and full.Enjoy every last mouthful.Follow what the others have said and you won't go wrong.Remember to ask if you want anything.Good luck.:talk017:

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