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I am just new to slimming world and i am just looking some good recipes. The thing is i am such a fussy eater which is why i have put this off for years. Most of my meals are chicken , i do not eat pork beef or fish , do not eat veg at all. I love spicy foods , so if anyone has any good recipes or advice all is welcome !

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It's going to be really hard to do SW without veg, as you need your superfree 1/3 per meal. I used to hate veg and never ate any other than tates. I started to eat small portions hidden on my fork so I couldn't taste it so much, now I eat veg with every meal and can't get enough of it! Do you eat fruit?

My staple meals are:
- egg, beans and 1 slice toast (from 400g wholemeal loaf)
- chicken with sweet potato (baked or boiled then fried), loads of veg
- chilli with rice and greens
- chicken wrapped in bacon with sw chips and veg

I could go on and on but I'm not sure there's much I have without veg.

A really lovely one is chicken curry (I make it up as I go along!) with mushrooms, onions, chilli powder, passata, chicken, chorizo and served with rice and more veg.

Try playing around with the things you do like and just try to avoid refined sugar and too many carbs when they aren't accompanied with superfree. You'll lose, even if you don't follow it perfectly well!!

Good luck!


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What other foods do you eat? I have about 12 different chicken curries that I make. Some of which have veg blended into the curries so you don't even realise your getting the speed in.
What spicey foods? We make chilli with a kick, Indian vindaloo, and all sorts. My boyfriend loves spicy food. Let me know what you like andI can get you some of my recipes.