1. Mini

    Sugar Plum Mini

    Happy New Year 218! Nothing like a shiny new diary to help with motivation as I begin this New Year full of resolutions and mini goals. Resolutions are to lose weight, get active and stop eating chocolate, biscuits and cake. First mini goal is to get back into the seventeens and leave the...
  2. Sammiiee

    Packed lunch ideas please...

    hello all So me and my partner have been on SlimmingWorld for a few months now, we're struggling with lunches. My partner is a lorry driver (no in cab oven/microwave etc) he's the trickiest out of the two of us (I will eat anything with pasta/rice) Anyone have any suggestions??! Thanks in...
  3. MysticalT

    New to SW - using recipes from other sites

    Hi! After spending months trying to calorie count and falling off the wagon because I'd used all my calories and I'm stubborn ;) a friend has recommended trying slimming world. Every Google search I did brought me to this site so I've registered! I've found lots of information that I need...
  4. chubby bunny


    I've recently started slimming world again and struggle with making many different meals. Could you all please share your favourite recipes?? THANK YOU
  5. C

    Quark - any recipe ideas?!

    So I've just started SW and I have discovered the amazing thing that is Quark! I've had it mixed in with options hot chocolate and strawberries which is sooo good! Just wondering if anyone else has any tips on what it can be used for? Thanks! x
  6. DawnMW

    Extra Easy Food Fast

    Hey Everyone! I am looking for some ideas and suggestions of recipes that are quick and easy to make - take no more than an hour including prep? I am open to all suggestions and ingredients but I don't have a slow cooker so thats not an option for me Thanks in advance!
  7. Emily Stevens

    Extra Easy Greedy me - The chef who slims

    I rejoined slimming world February this year and have plateaued since September maintaining my 17stone 4 lbs on and off a couple of pounds here and there. I started my blog for recipes called the chef who slims after everyone in my group kept asking for my recipes and well, that is how i started...
  8. Chris Taylor

    Puddings Great for those missing or cutting out their lovely desserts!

    One of the things I came across quite early on in my diet was this great classic dessert which when you see and taste certainly doesn't make you think you are on a diet. I tweeked it to make it bigger and less Syns so here you go, give it a bash you will love it. Slimming world Trifle. Making...
  9. B

    Food diary-how am I doing so far?

    Hello everyone, I started sw on Friday and so far I think I am doing okay but would like other people's opinions. Friday •Breakfast: 2 slices of wholemeal toast •Lunch: pasta with some broccoli and cucumber •Dinner: jacket potato with cheese and sweetcorn Snacks: strawberries, grapes, a...
  10. marybobs

    Food Shopping - The Haul

    Hey Everyone, So I decided to start sharing my different slimming world shops. To help anyone who is looking for ideas of what to buy, as I found a load of videos and posts about this topic on instagram and youtube. I want to share the hauls that I get and see what you all get, to share the...
  11. Bubbles86

    New to slimming world

    Hi I am just new to slimming world and i am just looking some good recipes. The thing is i am such a fussy eater which is why i have put this off for years. Most of my meals are chicken , i do not eat pork beef or fish , do not eat veg at all. I love spicy foods , so if anyone has any good...
  12. marybobs

    Extra Easy Fish Cake Recipe

    Hi all, I'm looking for a recipe for Fishcakes that are dairy free. I have both smoked fish and salmon in the house but no idea for a recipe to use and every one I find has either fromage frais or some form of cheese. Which is not good for me. I'll all for drinking Almond milk in my cereal or...
  13. marybobs

    Slow Cooker

    Just got a slow cooker yesterday wondering what meals are good from it apart from stews and soups