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new to sw

Hi everyone, I havent posted here before, and I am new to slimming world. in my 3rd week of doing sw and im finding it really hard. Doing the ee plan, but im finding that really, fruit and veg, and meat isnt really cutting it for me. its like all i can eat is fruit and veg, and meat and im struggling, i dont know if its because im having to completely change my eating habits, but i dont really feel like im getting a lot of support either. Does anyone have days where they just dont feel like eating "free" foods? i know im not explaining it very well but im starting to feel like theres no way out of this weight issue for me. I have been allocated 10 syns a day but i find tht a chocolate bar for example will hold around 8 - 10 syns so it puts u off eating it, which is probably the point, i guess what im saying is im really not enjoying it, but dont want to give up lol if anyone can give sum advice i would really appreciate it thanks xx:wave_cry:
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Firstly you can have between 5-15 syns a day!

Lots of people feel like this at the start, its because you are completely changing the way you are eating and it can take a bit of getting used to! Have you thought about trying Red or Green days for a wee change? There is tons of information on here and lots of people here to help & support you, don't feel like you're doing it on your own, we can all have our down days!

Chin up and just think how good you'll feel when the weight starts coming off! :)
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hi eviebear welcome to s/w and minimins have a look on here at what other s/w members are eating it will give you some ideas, have you tried the shapers bars from boots i love the mint chocolate (4 syns) and the blueberry & yoghurt one (4.5 syns) they are great for when ur dying for a choccie fix i put mine in the fridge so they last longer.as stichy said you could probably adapt some of the meals that you would usually eat, if you like chips have you tried them the s/w way? there are loads of brilliant recipes on the recipe thread take a look you might find something you like :) good luck xx
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I'm struggling to see how you can be fed up of free foods already - I've been doing SW for years and am still not fed up. There are always new foods and recipes to try that stop it getting boring. What are you eating at the moment? My bet is that you are really not using free foods to their full benefit yet.
well, that was basically what i have asked if there are any suggestions. Ive been eating nothing but free and superfree foods and been making my own recipes but my point was that i feel like im on a diet and i feel restricted. thats great that you are finding it so easy but im sure im not the only one who has struggled with the change, after all it is a massive change.
What did you eat before you started sw? Maybe we can help you adapt some meals :)
I ate alot of carbs, alot of bread and pasta. So Im really glad that I can still eat the pasta, and have been making pasta sauces packed with superfree foods. Im missing bread, I will admit that and butter, but accept that these are the things I would have to change. Its just the change im struggling with, ive had to say no to going out with my friends for meals etc as I dont want to go over my allowance and so I guess im just overall finding it difficult. Not giving up though, thanks for your help xx


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try looking at what you eat and slimming world it , ie what is allowed and what needs adapting ,i find if i try hard i can eat most things that i used to eat ( except the real bad stuff ) . a fry for breakfast ,why not !! ,look in the magazines,on here and in the books ,lots of people are just like you trying to eat as normal as possible and lose weight . dont give up


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Hi, sorry you are finding it hard. It is very hard to give up all the things that are bad for us. It can take a while to get used to the new way of eating. I do EE every day too. I have found weight watchers brown danish bread and you get 3 slices as a HEB! Its lovely bread too. And i use 'i cant believe its not butter light which is 2 syns for 10g, plenty to spread on :) I try to save my syns for the evenings which is when i am most likely to crave naughty foods. I find this helps alot, if i manage a syn free day i can have a curly wurly for 6syns and a packet of low fat/light crisps, or 2 alpen lights for 6syns, a crunchie for 9 etc etc..
Trying new recipies and new foods is also keeping me motivated. The recipie section on here is packed with easy tasty meals! Also try and make your fave pre- slimming world meals, just adapt them. I still cant believe i can have a full fry up and roast dinner etc and lose weight! :)

Go out with your friends hun, dont let SW stop you! Just look at the menu carefuly, and dont be afraid to ask what they put in the food or how they cook it! And ask them to leave off dressings/butter/sauces etc etc. I hope you find some info on minimins that makes your weight loss journey an easyer one :) Goodluck xx
chun-ky, thanks so much for tht, that was really nice of you. im gnna keep at it. i think its just getting the hang of it and learning the syn values etc. I know i have to do sumthing. dont want my daughter having the same problems as me so im definetly going to do it, I guess some days will be harder than others, thankyou xx
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Hugs to you Evie Bear...it can be really hard to make the change at first! I am trying hard to change my eating habits and my thinking! But stick at it, you can do it! There are lots of really great recipes on here so have a browse xxx