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  1. Skinnie_Minnie

    Skinnie_Minnie New Member

    Hi Guys!

    I started the Tony Ferguson Diet today after hearing about good results. Its available at Boots and is a bit like the Cambridge Diet (Meal replacement shakes).

    Ok so i had the strawberry milkshake for brekkie this morning and it was vile tasted very much like powder so i just backed the whole lot and although was gross i has kept me full all morning which i suppose is what i wanted rather than taste.

    Heard people lose around 6lbs a week on this diet, would be nice to hear somebody elses views.

    Im currently weighing in at 10 stone 13lbs. Im only 5ft4" so for me this is pretty big. I aim to go back to 8 stone or 8 and a half stone which was my pre pregnancy weight. I go on holiday on the 2nd October and hoping i can be down to 9 stone at least by then. You think its possible?

    Will be lovely to hear from someone and good luck!!

    Danni xx

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  3. spottydoris

    spottydoris Determined to succeed!

    Hey I'm TFing too... doesn't seem to be anyone else on minimins doing it anymore though... I'm here if you want support! :)

    SD x
  4. Hi girls I'm also on tf just completed first week and lost 4 pounds so well pleased :)
  5. Jools

    Jools Gold Member

    Hi all Im also on Tony ferguson.

    Just completed my first week very easily and Ive lost 7lbs. Im very very pleased with that!

  6. emzj1991

    emzj1991 New Member

    hi ladies!! I did this a while back and lost half a stone in 2 weeks! :) just starting it again as i have my 21st In january and wouldn't mind being a skinny minnie! ;) If anyone has any tips or pointers or needs ant help!! let me know! where all in this together!! xx

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