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New to the 1000 forum

Hi girls,

I am finally on the 1000 plan after 38 weeks on cd and 10st lighter. I did 12 weeks on ss and the remainder on ss+ moving up to 810 for 3 weeks and now the 1000 plan to shift the last 10lbs. I just wanted to pop on and say hi. I recognise some of you from the 100% forum etc which is great and look forward to meeting some new friends to.

I started the 1000 plan yesterday and it was really strange but nice to have some different food. omg I never thought shredded wheat could taste so good and an egg this morning on a brown slice of toast was heaven lol.

I have read on a thread on the cambridge diet forum that 2 large eggs and 250g of prawns have been added to the 810 list, does this mean they will be on the 1000 plan list to. I would love a prawn dish :p.

Look forward to chatting with you girl's and guy's. xx
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Hi Zoe, welcome to the 1000 maintenance forum...... wow... a big congrats on losing 10 stone, what determination you must have had, I lost nearly 5 stone last year but put on weight over Christmas so am back to lose it again....
I think the new books will be out next week sometime which will tell you what you can have on the 1000 plan, maybe Lelly on this forum will know as she is a CDC or CurlyWurly, but she is on holiday at the moment. Good luck with the rest of your weightloss....

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
Good luck Zoe. I found 1000 the hardest step the first time around as I was just out of ketosis and still had a mindset of thinking if I thought I needed to eat, I did eat. Great news on the prawns though isn't it?


Trying to stay healthy!
Hi Zoe,
Welcome to the maintenance bit and wow well done on your fantastic success with Cambridge!
Enjoy the 1000 plan it's a great plan and I know what you mean about the egg...it was one of the most divine meals i've ever had!

Can't advise about the protein options just yet i'm afraid as i'm awaiting my order of new booklets to arrive shoule get them tomorrow though, so will update then!

Good luck with going up the plans!

Welcome Zoe :) You've done fantastically well. I loved 1000, it was soo nice to have something other than protein and salad. It also boosted my metabolism. Good luck xx


Trying to stay healthy!
Hi Zoe,

have recieved the new 1000 plan booklets today and yes there are a few extra different options in there -

250g prawns
2 eggs
80g lentils
75g chickpeas
95g aduki Beans
70g soya beans
80g black eye beans
all dry weights


Lovely, thanks Lelly. I will be having the prawns I think at some point this week - yum.
thanks for posting that Lelly, I saw my CDC earlier and she didn't even know the new books were out, but she has given me a copy of the yellow book and says she will order the new ones if I want them... I have just had prawns for lunch with a bit of cabbage and they were yummy...


Plod, plod, plod.....
Hi Zoe, just caught up. Congratulations on doing so very well, I'm so impressed!
Thanks Bess, and to you. I just noticed we are nearly the same weight and our goal weight is the same. Heres to the last lap hun xx.


Plod, plod, plod.....
Oh yes! Here's to the last lap!! :)
Just weighed myself and the scales are showing a loss of a 1lb. My weigh in is on Monday and another 1lb by then would be great but you know what I am just pleased it's possible to lose weight going up the plans-yippeee.


Plod, plod, plod.....
That's encouraging to know! Well done. :D
yep I lost weight going up the plans last time... hoping it will be so this time too.... well done on your 1lb loss


Stubborn tortoise
Zoe, just spotted your thread and wanted to say welcome and a huge well-done! Your achievement is truly inspiring! Hope you are enjoying 1000... you'll get lots of support here, too, everyone is really friendly.

Thanks too for the heads-up about eggs... and Lelly... OMG... lentils... chick peas... aduki beans... WOW! Life on veggie 810 suddenly got a whole lot better!

Thanks Katycakes, I really am enjoying the 1000 plan this week and I am so pleased the scales are still heading in the right direction. Thanks for your kind words xx.


Cambridge Consultant
Hi Zoe,
Just wanted to say welcome over.. You have done amazingly well hon and wanted to wish you all the best up the plans..
1000 is a great step especially now being able to have prawns and fruit too.
Good luck hon x
Yippee, lost 3lb this week on the 1000 plan making me only 6lb away from goal. I am moving up to 1200 this week. I feel so chuffed and can't quite believe I am nearly there.

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