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Hi eveyone
I'm new to the site and I started CD on Sunday 25th of Feb. I'm losing my weight for my wedding abroad in October of this year. I'm really looking forward to reaching my target weight. I was dreading my first few days but I am surprised at how good I feel especially with cooking for my husband 2 be and my little boy!!

I cant wait until monday for my first weigh in :)

Sarah x
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heya chicksy :D

welcome to minis! glad u r enjoying the diet so far. i hope u sail thru and feel ready for your wedding when october comes :)

so where r u getting married? how much do u want to lose? we're a nosey bunch and will want to know all about you :D


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Welcome to this site,

we are all a friendly bunch, all here for support, advice, a shoulder to cry on or for congratulating you... whenever you need us we are here...

Good luck on your weight loss journey, just think how fantastic you are going to look at goal in a fantastic wedding dress!!!

We want to know all about you...



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Thanks for the warm welcome.

I weighed in at 16st01lb and would like to get down to at least 10st and if I manage to get down a little more then that would be great!! And if I carry on feeling like I do at the minute Im hoping it will be a breeze but I'm sure I will have my bad days.

I'm getting married in Cuba with a few friends and family in tow so didnt want to look like a beached whale on the beach lol so decided to take some action.

Congratulations on your weight loss so far.

Sarah x


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Good luck sarah with your journey, I got married in the Dominican republic 10 years ago and it was fab!! You will love it and might even get married in a bikini after your fab loses!!! Sarahxx.


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cuba!! how lovely!!

8 months to lose 6ish stone is well do-able. in fact i reckon u could lose a stone more than that...IF u do 100% all the way. shouldnt be a problem as it sounds like u have this diet sussed! it certainly wasnt a breeze for many of us so im glad u have got a good head start.



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Hi there Sarah and welcome aboard!:)

Congratulations on the wedding! Why not pop over to the Brides to Be board and start doing a diary thread?

I am getting married in OMG:eek: 25days time!!!!!!!!!:D

I am really excited about it all, the nerves havent kicked in yet........mind you we have been together for 13yrs!

well done on starting CD.....the diet is the hardest and yet the easiest diet ever!You will have good and bad days but the results are just FAB!!!!

Take care,...hope to see you over on the B to B board!

Lou XX


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Hiya Sarah, and welcome to the wonderful world of the wacky CD'ers, if you need support you will get it, if you need hugs you will get them and we have all got shoulders if you need to cry on them.

Good Luck!