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New to the diet

Hello everybody!

I just found this forum which I think is great to have a support and I find it very encouraging. Thank you!

I started with Lipotrim Diet yesterday and already lost 0.7kg. I think this is pretty good, isn´t it?

I am not finding it too difficult to stick with it because I am very motivated, but maybe the hardest is still to come. I am having a chocolate shake for breakfast, flapjack for lunch and soup for dinner.

I am not overweigh, but nearly. Yesterday I was 65kg. and I want to be 58 (MBI 22) by the beginning of August -as I was last year. Do you think it is possible to loose 7 kg/ a stone in that time?
I have heared that the more weight you have to loose, the quickest it is. Is that true?

Congratulations for all those pounds and stones you are sending away. Looking forward to hearing from you all!

P.S: English is not my mother tonge, so please excuse me if I do not express myself properly. If you would like to correct me, I would appreciate it too!
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Hi, you should have no problem losing a stone by august. Good luck to you and welcome. Everyone on here is very supportive.:)


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Hi Rellenita, Welcome to the forum!

Good luck with the diet. Although, as far as I am aware, you shouldn't have the flapjacks until week 2 or 3?


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welcome rellenita and good luck with your LT journey x

i was told you couldnt have flapjacks til week 2 x
Hi Vikie L and missyd,

I went into the farmacy and the lady offered me the program, took my medical details and then she asked me to choose from the 3 shakes, the flapjacks and the soup, but did not mention anything about not having flapjacks yet.
I think the bag doesn´t say about it either, either in their website.
Where have you heared about that? I am worried my farmacist might not know enough about the diet.
Please let me know why are you not suppoused to have flapjacks before week 2 or 3.
Thank you sooo much, and Thanks jo1 for your welcome!
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Hiya hun and welcome!
You will defo lose a stone by then but you WILL NEED TO follow maintanance to the letter to keep it off!


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Firstly hello and welcome.

i started last monday, so i'm on week 2 for me, i wasn't allowed the flapjacks on week 1, but i've got one of each flavour this week and she said only to do 1 per day with extra water. (as not getting the water in the shake)
Hello Daisy happy!
You are looking great. You must be so pleased with yourself! Are you in maintenance right now?
Do you know if I can or can not have flapjacks in the first week?
Hi Goldengirl,
Thanks for your welcome.
I am having 3-4 liters (6-8 pints) a day plus extra water with the flapjack or if I have the satchets as a mousse (But I did not like them that way, really)
So Maybe I should stop the flapjacks for a while and the introduce them slowly as you are doing. I will go to the Farmacy to get more Milkshakes tomorrow.



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Hello and welcome to the best forum around. Stick to the shakes and if you start having a weak moment, jump on here. There is always someone around to help.
Hi Shazpaz,
OMG you have changed so much! Good for you! Can I ask how did you moved from the LT to Atkins or CD? Did you start those diets from the beginning (inducction) or you could just jump on other stages of it? Did you do Refeeding on LT first?
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Welcome Rellenita,

I was offered a flapjack to try in my first week but I didn't know then they weren't allowed. It seems some pharmacists aren't as on the ball as others.

Good luck.

Hi Hi

My pharmacist offered me flapjacks on wk 1, although she the said 'but you wont like them they taste like cardboard!!' Nice way to get you motivated!! I didn't get them and glad about it now, no way did i realise you could not have them.

Good Luck Rellenita, I am week 1 too, day 2!! Hope it's going well

LL xxxxx


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welcome and good luck you'll soon have the lbs dropping off
no flapjacks on week 1 sorry


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have a nice holiday hun x

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