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New to this and need some help and advice

S: 14st2lb C: 13st2lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 1st0lb(7.07%)
I have struggled with weight loss from early childhood. A few months ago I was diagnosed by my doctor with insulin resistance. I was put on metformin and for the last couple of months xenical too. Xenical was to help with the weight loss as I was fast heading down the depression route as I couldn't lose weight no matter what. I am also following the slimming world method too. My big problem is that since starting xenical the weight loss has been very very slow and last week I even put on half a pound. I haven't had any side effects at all, so I am beggining to wonder if xenical is doing anything at all. I am 90% of the time on a very low fat/virtually fat free diet. Could that be the problem? Any advice would be hugely appreciated. Thanks:break_diet:
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Hi there :) Are you keeping a food diary? I know you're eating low fat, but are you possibly eating a lot of carbs? Even if something is low fat, if its also high in carbs, then that will affect your weight loss.
Also just because you have had no side effects doesn't mean its not working. Side effects just prove you've eaten too much fat.


plodding away
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I lost a lot of weight with slimming world but then started to put weight on. I found that although I was sticking to their plan I was still overeating. Could it be your portions are too large like mine were? Low fat eating can still make you lose weight it you eat too much of it.

Keep trying you will find the right way for you.

S: 23st4lb C: 10st7lb G: 8st0lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 12st11lb(54.91%)
To be honest with you i dont actually know much about the medical stuff you described so i can only advise on the xencial stuff...

i think like ali said keep a food diary and check .. You cant eat no fat as thats why your body will hold and store what fat it does get...the same if your not eating enough calories..

let us know how you get on? x
S: 14st2lb C: 13st2lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 1st0lb(7.07%)
Hi all!

Thanks for your replies and advice. I guess the watching the carbs is an important one for me and the portions. As for the calorie and fat intake that makes sense too. So all and all all your "clues" have been very very usefull. As for xenical I guess I just needed to get some re-assurance that just because I have no side effects doesn't mean it doesn't work. You all look fantastic by the way and have been the inspiration I need at the moment to keep going. Will keep you posted how I do next week.

This a great site for support and ideas. I am so glad I found it!
S: 23st4lb C: 10st7lb G: 8st0lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 12st11lb(54.91%)
your welcome , When i first joined i was at a huge low point , since then , this site has become part of my life.. and it will always be im sure of it.. and you will find that when you need ANY help advice Theres always someone to help here =D...

carbs are a biggie so try looking at them by doing your food dairy

if you dont eat fat or much of it you will have no side effects. the pill works silently some times but thats good. xx

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