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New to this. Where do I start?

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Hi Guys,

Firstly I would just like to say congratulations to you all on your weight loss.

I have today decided to start a cc diet. I have been on sw but not doing to good, I started in Jan and have yo yo up and down, and I am now actually 6 pounds heaver then when I started. So some thing needs to change if I am going to win this battle, and I think after looking around on here that this is the way forward.

So could you please tell me the basic's to get me started. How do I work out how many calories I should be having and do you also need to check the fat content.

I am 39, 5'1" and weigh 14 stone 12.5 pounds. :wave_cry:I would like to be 10 stone.

Thanks in advance :)

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Hey! I just started CC too, I have been told the minimum should be 1200 a day but It depends on the person I suppose, I am on a lot lower (800) a day but I know I need to up the calorie intake and the people on here have giving me lots of good tips and advice on doing so. There are some really nice meals I found in supermarkets for CC, most under 400 calories each, including pizza, curry, stir fry, jacket potatoes, spicy chicken and so on plus they are really filling :)
I am working out everyday, some days I do a mini work out ie yoga to burn only 100 cals off in half an hour, then most days I do cardio which can burn 100-300 as I am taking it slow to start of with!


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Welcome :)

Best thing to do is to sign up to a free website - I use foodfocus- which you can track your calories, weight, exercise etc on - this helps so much!

Also, have a read through the diaries on here for ideas of exercise and food.

To work out the calories you should be having, google BMR and you can calculate it.

It can be tempting to eat really low calories but it is beat to be sensible abs lose weight steadily.

Hope that helps x
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Great to have you join us! I use Food Focus - Permanent Weight Loss too and it has really helped re-educate me ... I am now starting to understand how I ended up so large, and hopefully how I can avoid getting back there again! I've been aiming for around 1200 - 1500 calories a day, and am going for a slow and steady weight loss, with no unrealistic deadlines to reach my 'target'. This way I'm hoping it's a change for life, and so far so good. The speed of your weight loss seems to depend on your starting weight, and exercise definitely helps. The great thing about calorie counting is you can eat what you like, the same as the rest of your family and friends, and just adapt the amounts you eat, or make subtle adjustments (side salads instead of chips for example), so you don't feel like you are depriving yourself of your favourites. After a while I find I need to use the calorie counting websites less and less, as I now know how big (or small) a portion of cereal I need. One trick I've used when I eat out, is to watch the slimmest member of the party and mimic their portion sizes. What an eye opener that has been! No wonder a couple of my friends stay a stunning size 10 - 12 ... they would take one small slice of french bread, whereas I would have instinctively eaten over half a baguette! Good luck on your journey x
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Hi slim!

Welcome to the forum. I personally don't go any lower than 1200 cals - lower than that can seriously damage your metabolism and destroy muscle. Plus I just couldn't function at work with less calories!

I tend to go out a lot in the evening, so during the day time I try to keep my cals to 500 so then I have 700 cals to play with for an evening meal :)

I also try to exercise as much as possible, as it really helps me. Aiming for at least 4 workouts a week. It's tough, but it's worth it!
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Thanks guys for your replys. :)
I have worked out my BMR at just over 1600 and so am I right in thinking that I should then have about 1400 a day.

Also could you tell me, do you count salad veg like lettice, cucumber and tomotoes as free or do I need to work out the calories for these.
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Hi. Just to let you know i also started calorie counting on Monday. Now on day 3 but up to now i have been making it up as i go along. I will definitely check out the food focus thingy and see what i really should be aiming for. I went to the gym for the first time this morning. Although it was really hard work i got thru it, looked in the mirror and told myself 'well done'. I weigh an extra 12 pounds on the gym scales so im even more depressed than before, but have decided to use these scales on a weekly weigh in basis and ditch mine. I wanna lose 4 stone (56lb) by march 2011, two of which i need to lose by 1st November 2010. This seems a huge amount to me but just reading this forum, i am amazed at the great losses. The inspirition slide show is amazing and i watch it daily!!
Good luck everyone, and anyone fancying a mini loss challenge, let me know and im up for it.


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Hi Slim - I've been calorie counting for just over 4 months and have lost just over 4 stone:D It definitely works for me. I tried SW in the past, but ended up eating too much free food and as soon as I thought I couldn't have a certain food, I wanted it. With CC you can have whatever you like - even if you go over your daily allowance one day, you can make up for it over the next few days. Good luck with your journey.


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I would highly recommend the calorie counter websites - food focus, my fitness pal and there is others too . You will be suprised how helpful it is. If you have an Iphone or IPod touch you also get apps too so you can use it anywhere :)
S: 15st5.5lb C: 15st5.5lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 41.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks for all the advice ladies I will certainly take it all on board. :)

wanna b a mini er me It's good to see someone who has started on the same day as me, we can help each other out and watch each others progress. I also want to lose 4 stone but mines for April. Im up the challenge you mentioned what shall we do. :D


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Hi there:) i use food focus and go along to slimming world once a week to get weighed a few weeks ago my consultant told us that it is a calorie counted plan but they have done that bit for us so we dont have to worry about it, now food focus say i should have 1200 a day but every time i log in what ive had during my sw day ive eaten over 1600 cals i lost a pound last wk so thinking i need more portion control:eek:

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