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New to this!

hi vickie im new too!! i have before lost over a stone on sw but i have been very very bad the past few months and put it all back on not good!!so im startin afresh from today!!! all i can say is eat as much free food as u can because the more u eat the more u lose!!! sounds to gud to be true but its the truth!!u will understand more wat i mean when u attend the class! i know the diet inside out its just matter of gettin back on track which i am determined to do, started being gud agin from today so as they say onwards and upwards!!xxx
Hi Fatfighter! Some great advice from xxchristiexx, I have been doing SW for about 8 weeks. I am never hungry and eat loads, I was really nervous the 1st meeting i went to. It's really not that bad everyones in the same boat with the same aims.

My advice really, eat loads of free foods, drink plenty and if you need any help the people on here are fantastic, so just shout. It may seem daunting at the start but just make sure you read the Food optimising book cover to cover, follow it and you will loose!!

Good luck on your SW journey and let us know how you get on!! :)
Good luck Vickie, I'm sure you will really enjoy losing your weight with SW... - whats not to like, you really can eat soo much of the things you like...

Do try to stay to the classes, it does help, even just hearing how other people are struggling, knowing that you are not alone in a particular problem, and it's great seeing other peoples sucesses and sharing your own!!!

Good luck for tomorrow, mine is a wednesday class too, I go to my 8th tomorrow!

Let us know how you get on

Anne x
Its really nothing to worry about, i was so freaked out before i went but you'll see how supportive everyone is.. it was nothing like i expected at all.
My advice would also be to fill up on the free food, i lost 2 1/2 pounds this first week and it should have been better but i was trying to get into the swing of things... make sure u read your book, its not hard to mix things up.. it'll take a while to get used to, but its amazing that u can eat so much and still loose. Stay at the meetings for the talk, it really encourages you to do better the next week. I've only been twice so far but i feel inspired that i'll acomplish my goals (slightly cheesey but still true)


week 1: -2 1/2 :)
Hi Vickie, I'm also new to this and in my second week of SW with my second weigh in tomorrow. I find the plan really easy to follow and am never hungry either now. The first couple of days I had some sugar cravings/feeling hungry but that was just while my body adapted and now I don't have them at all unless I forget to eat of course.

Good luck.


wannabe yummy mummy
Thanks for all the advice, it really wasn't as bad as I thought - with the exception of my wieght! :eek: Still, its all the more reason to stick at it eh? :)
This is a great place for help as well. I have had quite a bit more help here than in my meetings to be honest! Good luck on your first week!


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