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Discussion in 'Tony Ferguson' started by madzbabe, 1 December 2010 Social URL.

  1. madzbabe

    madzbabe Banned

    Starting Tony Ferguson diet in Boots after failing on many others. Will be on it tomorrow first day. Is there anyone else doing this programme here on this site? :4633:

    Start weight is 23.2st
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  3. MsJMC

    MsJMC Strong women stay slim

    Think there have been a few people on TF , have a look at all diets .
    wishing you lots of luck with that !
  4. madzbabe

    madzbabe Banned

    lmao.....thanks sweetie
  5. madzbabe

    madzbabe Banned

    looks like its dead in this section *sigh*
  6. New to Tony Ferguson

    I'm a newbie too. I am picking up all my bits and bobs on Thursday :)
    Am a hardened dieter so hopefully with a lot of will power I will lose some of my weight before my wedding in July!!!
  7. Stupid

    Stupid I'm a greedy pig

    i am wondering about tony ferguson. is it like slimfast..? i am thinking of fact i am looking at a lot of diets on here to try and figure out which one to try..

    my problem is i am greedy. i am a fussy eater and i tried weight watchers meeting but couldn't stick to 16 points a day[think its a different system now to when i tried it in 2006]

    now trying to figure out what to try

    good luck to you all
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  8. madzbabe

    madzbabe Banned

    I never done slimfast so can't comment on it. like every other diet if you put your heart and soul into it then its good. I don't buy all the vitamins that they suggest as I have been taken a multi vitamin this years and I didn't want to give up that one and try something new. The fibre I don't purchase either as I have IBS so it has actually done the bowels the world of good being on this diet.

    I have a breakfast and two snacks all day and then two shakes. I done really well for the first few days and then fell down because of so much junk around me with xmas. I tend to go fully at it after xmas is over.

    Good luck everyone.
  9. Stupid

    Stupid I'm a greedy pig

    good luck

    will keep an eye on how everybody is getting on

  10. Sass

    Sass Silver Member

    Hi Madzbabe - I'm going to start TF diet on Wednesday this week. Hows things going for you, would be nice to know how your getting on? Not many people around here i noticed but hope thats not a reflection on the diet.
  11. msblonde

    msblonde a new way of living!

    I am just starting too and interested to see how people are getting on, sounds a bit like cambridge diet.
  12. madzbabe

    madzbabe Banned

    I was doing well but then xmas came and went. So I haven't managed to get back into it again
  13. Tony Ferguson

    I started the TF diet before Xmas and managed to lose 16lbs :D
    Have managed to lose my way right now and can't seem to get back on the wagon as it were. Oh well will try again in a couple of weeks and stick to "healthy eating" for the time being x
  14. madzbabe

    madzbabe Banned

    whoop whoop, well done! you going to go back on it then? do u know if it is similar to slimfast?
  15. Wemo

    Wemo Member

    Its pretty much the same except I think the shakes have less carbs and calories than a slimfast shake, the premise is the same tho :)
  16. madzbabe

    madzbabe Banned

    oh I didn't realise that. I think slimfast is much cheaper as well. Thats a road I might go down, at least you don't need doctors to write out a form to say yes or no!
  17. MsJMC

    MsJMC Strong women stay slim

    hi maz, back on pc , i have two tins of slimfast , 2:99 each they were selling them cheap but i lost 2 this wk on ww pro but have not been great , how are you ?
  18. madzbabe

    madzbabe Banned

    Yes I seen that in tescos as well today. Well done on ww pro, its not bad considering you weren't sticking to it. IMagine what you would if you were??
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  19. MsJMC

    MsJMC Strong women stay slim

    yes if i was 100 % i would of done 5 or more . hows you maz ? which plan are you on xx
  20. madzbabe

    madzbabe Banned

    Not sure yet as the docs are a bit annoying with regards to signing forms etc. I would love to go on CD the reviews :) seem good on this website. What about you Jack?
  21. MsJMC

    MsJMC Strong women stay slim

    morning Maz ... Well had a battle with what i'm going to do this morning , i've been up since 7:30 and been on the go , battle with lots of mixed messages food wise , I did lose with ww pro but its not going to be fast enough , i have alot to lose .
    so today I started my tins of slimfast , at least its not so hard , like cd , today i said just one bit of bread and then start , then another voice said , no start Slimfast today .... i did slimfast with water not the red milk as i never had any .
    but going to work hard now , i've been playing about to much with diets and spending alot of time thinking about them ... if i had just shown that i could have done them i would no longer be dieting ....
    Maz , let me know which one your gonna start . Must say

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