new to weight watchers need recipes and snack ideas :)

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    Hi, so I'm new to pro points I did the old weight watchers a few year ago, I put a lot of weight on over xmas and decided to boost my weight loss to get me going on Atkins type diet low carb high fat, I did loose over a stone in 5 weeks but wasn't worth it the way it changes you is NOT normal. So hence that I decided on weight watchers it was enjoyable a few years ago but I've forgotten all my little tricks and tips I used to use. plus does any one know how many pro points are in tefal acti-fry chips do you get alot for your points? I've done my fitness pal last year and lost 21lb and got a decent portion on that but slipped and got fat again lol!
    Thanks in advance!
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    hi, and good luck on your journey!
    my only tips would be to plan, track everything that goes through your mouth, drink lots of water!!!!
    also bulk meals out with salad/veg and find low propoint snacks e.g curly wurly, quavers

    a low point desert when u want something to hit the spot is a merangue nest, mixed fruit and a yoghurt poured over!! or i like an options hot choc!

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