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Slimming down the aisle
Is it near your time of the month?

Miss V

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Hey hun - I get upset when the scales inexplicably go up as well! :(
Did u weigh at the same time of day as usual? it could just be water retention or something like that. Maybe try weighing again in a couple of days cos I found that when I put on a pound on my weekly weigh in the next day it had already gone!
Try not to worry - it's bound to be gone soon x
Could be any of the above things. I find i retain loads of water when the weather really hots up. It'll come off as easily as it went on :)
Thanks for your replies. It's not time of the month for another week. Im hoping it is just water retention. It's my official weigh day today do I guess I will see. (probably shouldn't have had a sneaky early weigh!)


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How many calories have you been eating? Have you lowered this number at all since you started? You can also easily retain upto 2lbs of water - so don't sneakily weigh unless you can avoid the worry if you're up a bit (I can't, which is why I don't sneaky weigh!).
I've been eating between 1200-1400 calories a day depending on my exercise. I have been eating the minimum of 1200.

I defiantly am not going to do a sneaky weigh anymore! I'm learning my lesson!


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How much do you have left to lose? Sometimes if you eat the same net amount of calories for a while your body can just plateau, same if you start losing on too low a NET intake. Also check your sodium, fibre and water intake for the week to make sure you're not bloated or... constipated! I hope you've had a good loss and yes, no more sneaky weigh ins!! Let us know how you've got on :)
I wanted to loose around 100lbs at the moment so I've made a small dent. I didn't realise that about the calories, I lost 2lbs this week. Most days I'm eating 1200-1250 some days 1350-1400 those days are the days I feel like I need something extra.

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