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My name is Lynn and I live wiwth my fabulous girlfriend and 2 doggies in Hertfordshire.... I also happen to be very fat :sigh:

We're currently trying to conceive our first child via IVF (my gf will be carrying our first baby) and I am determined not to be a fat mummy :eek:

I have tried pretty much every diet going but the only one I seem to be able to use is WW - although even my attempts at that have been poor and usually resulted in a rebound gain.

This time however, I have the realisation that (hopefully) within a year I'll have a baby and our plan is for me to carry our next baby but only if I get my BMI below 30 - I'm a midwife and know the risks of pregnancy when this obese to me and any child would not be worth it!

I lost about 10lbs in december in order to counteract any christmas weight so I am about even and will be weighing myself tomorrow to restart properly. My gf is also on ww to prepare for the IVF and she is a great support to me :D

I hope you don't mind me posting on here but as I have a hell of a lot of weight to lose it would be lovely to have support from people who are in or were in a similar position and therefore understand what it is like.


Lynn xx
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Hi I'm new to this site also, I joined this week and on the Weight Watchers diet.

You have your new baby to look forward to so that should help you stay on the diet. Just take the diet one day at a time, like i do and don't start thinking of how much weight you have to lose or how long you have to be on the diet... or like me you won't stick to it....... and vary your diet and allow yourself low fat treats and track everything you eat this does help..... Best of luck

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best of luck and what a wonderful motivation to have. x


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Good luck with the weight loss and ivf - what a good motivator to lose the weight.


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Good luck on your weight loss journey x


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I have only started WW this week and have asound 13.5 - 14st to lose. You have the best motivation. I am losing too in the hope me and hubby can have a baby in a couple years time. Best of luck to you, keep us posted on how u get on. And if u find any brill WW finds I wanna know please haha!

Best of luck xx

x Nee x

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Good luck on your weight loss and how exciting about the baby plans, Im sure it will all work out fab for you x
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I am new too and want to wish all fellow dieters every success in the following months.

I have 2 young daughters - aged 6 and 1 and have had difficulty carrying alot of weight with being pregnant at the same time. I want them to be proud of their mum and be a yummy mummy in the playground so I wish good luck with your quest Lynn. They are the best reason to do it...other than for yourself that is.

Take care
Elizabeth x

x Nee x

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S: 20st10lb C: 20st5lb G: 8st0lb BMI: 50.5 Loss: 0st5lb(1.72%)
How is the quest going so far?