New year, new me!

I swam a mile yesterday and today I'm going to do an hour on the treadmill - whilst I catch up with Eastenders! I'm joining SW tonight but I've already got some recipes from the magazine etc.

Goal 1 - Lose 1 stone by the end of January.

Feeling positive and motivated :)


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Lots of luck jillybean. You sound both positive and comitted to the slimming cause !


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Hi Hun, just popped in to read your diary! Sounds like you've got a great mind set and are doing fab with the exercise already!! Have you thought about doing a food diary on here - everyone's great and I've had loads of help to get meals just right :)

Best of luck, I look forward too hearing about that weight flying off you! X


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Good luck. I like your positivity and determination.


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Hi jillybean, sounds as if you are really motivated! I wish I was that good with exercise- I usually use every excuse to put it off :)

Keeping a diary really helps me, it's also a good way to make notes of the recipes you have tried and enjoyed. The chicken & bacon hotpot out of the new mag is lovely; i'd definitely reccomend it.

Good luck x
Thank you

Thank you for all your encouragement, I am very determined, this is it now for me, bye bye belly!

I joined a local Slimming World group last night and my fella cooked a SW spinach and mushroom cannelloni for when I got back; it's great to have his help and support too.

I will definitely post on the food diary thread and read what others have put on there too as SW has changed a lot and I don't want to get it wrong.

I am doing the Great North Swim in June - 2 miles in Lake Windermere and that's given me a good reason to train, I think goals definitely help.

Good luck everyone, we can do this :)
Following the EE plan, so far so good. Not done any exercise today but going swimming in the morning. Feeling very motivated to eat properly and stick to plan, no cheating :)
Can anyone tell me which Quorn sausages are free as they've changed and now most have syns.

Been another good day, I'm 1/2 a syn over but swam a mile so hopefully that'll cancel it out lol!

Keeping a food diary definitely helps as you realise what you're consuming. I'm also ensuring that I eat slowly and enjoy every mouthful, also trying not to eat in front of the tv!