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  1. kirsty_baird_26

    kirsty_baird_26 Gold Member

    Some of you may remember me iv been on here before only to move and try slimming world.

    Iv decided that on the 7th January 2013 as its my first full week back at work im beginning calorie counting.

    The last time i did this i lost 3 and a half stone in 5 months and managed to keep i off for around 2 years before i fell back into bad habits.

    Iv now decided that its time to start again after yoyoing around with slimming world for just over a year and never managing to lost more than half a stone-10lbs. I think part of this is due to my PCOS issues which im just being treated with the pill and i have a borderline underactive thyroid, which they are refusing to treat me for :( Its been under the past two blood tests iv had.

    So no more moaning i need to do this for me to make me happy.

    Unsure how low to begin was thinking 1300? Slightly more at weekend if drinking.

    Last time i did 1000 but i feel thats too low this time.

    Well i hope you will all welcome me back and any tips or recipes please send them my way.

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  3. kirsty_baird_26

    kirsty_baird_26 Gold Member

    Well as i decided here i am back and giving it another go though this time im winning :)

    Quite hungry allready but i expected it and will beat it with water

    Decided on 1200 calories i think and if really hungry today will up it to 1300.

    Booked in for a zumba class tomorrow straight from work too.

    How are we all?

  4. floss

    floss Full Member

    Good luck :) hope your first day is going okay...it's always the hardest! Let us know how you get on :)
  5. kirsty_baird_26

    kirsty_baird_26 Gold Member

    Thanks :)

    What does everyone do with exercise calories are they ate back or left?
  6. kirsty_baird_26

    kirsty_baird_26 Gold Member

    So far today

    Breakfast - cocopops from variety pack with semi skimmed milk and a ww toffee apple yoghurt - 236 Cal

    Lunch - ww chicken soup and 2 slice nimble wholemeal break and an apple - 271 Cal

    Snack - special k strawberry biscuits - 98 Cals

    Iv also went a 20 minute walk on my lunch and a 5 min walk up to work, will walk back to carpark after work so another 5 min and 15-20 min walk with dogs after work :)
  7. Squeezyweezy

    Squeezyweezy Gold Member

    Hello my lovely!!! missed you loads. How are things?? What you been up to?

    I'm starting back today too. Fresh new start for 2013. it's feeling very positive so far hun, keep up the good work. :) xxx
  8. kirsty_baird_26

    kirsty_baird_26 Gold Member

    Missed you loads too wasn't sure anyone would remember me on here haha!

    Im good not been doing much working away and seeing the boyfriend yourself?

    Did you have a nice Christmas and New Year?

    Goodluck with starting back today too xxx
  9. kirsty_baird_26

    kirsty_baird_26 Gold Member

    Day one complete after i hablve supper :) so happy i managed it

  10. Squeezyweezy

    Squeezyweezy Gold Member

    Proud of ya!! :)
  11. kirsty_baird_26

    kirsty_baird_26 Gold Member

    Thanks i am too though still want bad foods haha
  12. kirsty_baird_26

    kirsty_baird_26 Gold Member

    Day two going so good so far :) booked in for zumba tonight worked out i lose around 650 per class so noted it as 600 just to be on safe side :)

    Even had green tea with breakfast!
  13. Cas3

    Cas3 Gold Member

    Welcome back hun, and good luck with calorie counting and just added you on mfp x
  14. kirsty_baird_26

    kirsty_baird_26 Gold Member

    Thanks my headaches back again arghhh cant decide if its the diet or totm x
  15. Squeezyweezy

    Squeezyweezy Gold Member

    Have you taken something? It could be a mixture of the of the two, but the diet shouldn't really give you too much of a headache. Are you eating enough hun? :)
  16. kirsty_baird_26

    kirsty_baird_26 Gold Member

    Its gone now im thinking its totm as usually get one with it a few days before and that would be yday and today! Taken paracetomol!

    Defo eating fine i think iv not been half as hungry today :)

    How are you babe?

  17. Squeezyweezy

    Squeezyweezy Gold Member

    I'm OK thanks lovely. Seem to have so much to do today but it doesn't seem to be disappearing as I work through it all. I hate days like that. :)
  18. kirsty_baird_26

    kirsty_baird_26 Gold Member

    Awww me too im in work the now hehe!
    Straight to Zumba after work think ill eat back some my exercise calories tonight and have a nice supper of toast and poached egg :) x
  19. Squeezyweezy

    Squeezyweezy Gold Member

    mmmmmmmmmm poached egg on toast. Delicious!! Have a great time at Zumba :)
  20. kirsty_baird_26

    kirsty_baird_26 Gold Member

    Thanks ill try not been since November lol so hopefully i survive x
  21. dd82

    dd82 Gold Member

    Enjoy Zumba tonight I have been thinking about getting the game for the kinect

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