New Year, New Me!


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Trying to get going. Started LL yesterday, but lost will at end of day and ate. The naughty thoughts of 'oh sod it, no one else is starting till New Year, I may as well enjoy myself until then and eat!' Of course, enjoy yourself mean eat till your fit to burst and then feel as guilty as heck and as miserable as sin! Why do we do this to ourselves:confused: .

Anyway, woke up feeling down about not sticking to it, but it has made me strangely more determined to suceed today.

Going to have a coffee and then hit the gym!!! Yes, the gym. Remember it? It's that place we all visit in moments of determination, we walk round it - ooohing and ahhhhring and the equipment that promises us a great body. Then we sit in an office in a lovely, soft , comfy chair and sign out direct debits which will ensure that we will, at some point in the next year, visit this place at least once more for our £50 a month fee!!!!!! Come on, we've all done it:)

Anyway, loving reading people's threads. Some of you are doing soooo well! Congrats all who have been so successful, and come on the rest of us, we can do it!!!!!

Sending love and hugs out to all.:)
Hiya Kebab

Well done on getting down to it. Yes, a lot of people are waiting til the New Year but there are also quite a few like you who are thinking 'might as well get it started'!! Well impressed with you going to the gym, but do take it easy in the first couple of weeks - let your body adjust to the big change in eating habits! :)

Congrats on your weight loss to date - 39 lbs lost is fab! :cool:
Well done on restarting! I'm on my first day back today too. I lost 4 stone on LL and have been a complete pig for the last couple of weeks (clearly not conquered all my food demons yet!). I've regained about half a stone - which is annoying as it's all down to my own lack of willpower. But today is a fresh start - 2 stone left to go, and I'm determined to see it through this time. And it's time to start the gym visits :)- they get £61 each month off me and I can't bear to think what the "per visit" cost is as I hardly ever go - talk about money down the drain! Oh well, time for my final shake of the day. Best of luck.
Hi fallen angel and D_Q!

Thanks for your kind words.

It's so easy to pile it back on isn't it???? I do worry that I'll never conquer my food demons, but I do plan to give them the kicking of their lives!!!!!

Went to the gym and realised I had been away a long time. Lots of new equipment has appeared that look more and more like medieaval implements of torture!!

Did 30 mins at a brisk pace on treadmill (have back injury and limited in what I can use) and felt good. Listened to Tony Robbins CD 'Get The Edge' which is motivational and gets you to set goals. Slowly coming round to the idea that reg. excercise has to be part of my life (Arrrhhhhhggggghhhhh!!!!);)

Then went to the Merry Hill Shoppping Centre - how silly! Forgot sales were on and spent 20mins trying to nab a parking space!! Oh well, by then my leg muscles were whinging and complaining, so sitting resting in the car wasn't too much trauma!!!

Any how, hope all is going well for folks.

Night night:)
I'm so impressed that you went to the gym. I'm promising myself that I will go tomorrow - but that's a promise I've made a few times before:rolleyes:.
Got my LL meeting tonight - not looking forward to finding out exactly how much I've gained in the last two weeks of gluttony but hey, it's my second day on the packs so at least I'm starting to repair the damage.....
Fallenangel, I'm sure your gain won't be too bad, and I'm so pleased to see that you have already got back on the waggon. There is no stopping you! Well done!

I however have PMT and despite all plans of starting before the new year, I again gave in. I really need to go to a group to be weighed each week (Not seeing a LL counsillor as I can't get to one). Might join WW next week just for the company of other people needing motivation and that weigh in, though still follow LL.

Good luck all, you guys are amazing!!:)
Hey Kebab - my Mum is insane, she's off to Merry Hill tomorrow :eek: Don't envy her but there you go!!

I think joining a group for weigh ins and support is an excellent idea :cool:
I agree - definitely join a WW or similar group, it's so helpful to have a fixed point in the week when you get an "independent" weigh-in. It'll be extra support to keep you on track on the difficult days. With that and Minimins, you'll be sorted. I went to my LL group last night and found I'd gained ten pounds. Bit dispirited but can't claim to be surprised - I was a piggy for most of December. Still, that's the past, bring on the future!
Still haven't made it to the gym - tomorrow, honest!
FallenAngel, Im in the same boat, I only made 1 mtg in December and wont get to my next one until Wednesday. (Ive been away but have been naughty too so im dreading the results)

I really like this idea of the additional weigh-in. Im going to look for something like it in my area as I always find
weekends are my most difficult time.

Plus my gym is practically next door to me, though I find I dont have masses of energy, I usually only manage to walk briskly on the treadmill for 2km, while everyone is running for their lifes. :)
Artemis - make sure you go. After being bold over Christmas........glugging M&S Pinot Grigio and scoffing prawns ............I stayed the same loss - but no gain. Its hard to get back on the straight and narrow but am determined as well. I did a lot of walking over Christmas and that definately helped.

The key i think is water. 6 litres a day ........glug glug glug..........fat melting, skin cleaning liver flushing water.........

Just keep going to the tap.


:) Fallenangel, I'm sure the weight will come off in literally no time at all. Well done for getting straight back into it. :)

:) Artimis, I think it is brilliant that you do 2km on the treadmill. It doesn't matter what others do, you are doing what you can for you, not them, keep up the good work.:)

:) Bettyboo, how did you manage to stay the same:D ? You must be thrilled about it! What a great Xmas gift to yourself!!!:)

:) D_Q, where are you from? Do you live near the Merry Hell Centre? I'm from Halesowen, about 3 miles from it. By the way, I love your countdown on your signiture, how do you get that, I'd love one!!! Keep up the good work!:)

Still not back on track yet, have actually gained over last few days, but am very PMT, so out of control, though do have to say, the cravings have disappeared this morning, so today may be the day to restart properly. Had hair cut, very, very short this morning and love the new look. Just need the new body to go with it now.:p

By the way, the new LL mag is in the shops, just picked mune up.

Have a good day all!:)
Originally from Birmingham - my Mum lives in Oldbury now, near Quinton. I try to visit as much as I can, but live in Brighton so it's a trek!! :p If you go to your options you can set your 'calendar' to countdown to a particular event, then click 'yes' to get it to display automatically! :cool:
Big thanks D_Q!

Thanks, I've got a countdown now!:D

Did you manage to see your mum over Xmas?

Have a good day!
Nice one honey!! :cool:

I saw her at the beginning of December, but didn't get back up :( Hoping to get up there mid-January cos my Mum is my best mate and I miss her!
Hi folks - I still haven't made it to the gym so very impressed by Artemis! But am glugging the water and the foodpacks - very surprised to have no carb headaches today - especially as I decided to go the whole hog and cut out caffeine from today - I hate coffee, drink a lot of tea but can't stand it without a drop of milk so have decided to ditch it for the duration.
I can't find the new LL mag in my local shops - is it any good this month? I could do with some New Year motivation...:):):)
Well done honey! Good friend of mine is sending me the LL mag cos I still haven't managed to get hold of it!! Brave giving up caffeine too - I couldn't give up my coffee!! Catch ya tomorrow ;)
Surprisingly the caffeine withdrawal is ok - I think my body is so confused by the lack of carbs and caffeine that it doesn't know what to do - if anything the pain is less! Hurray!!
Day two almost done - 1 foodpack left - now will it be chocolate or chicken....decisions, decisions.....x