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New Year..........New start....... New me!!

Well tomorrow is the start of a new me. I am no longer going to diet. I am changing my way of eating and thinking about exercise. I am going to cut out all the junk in my diet, as all it does is make me fat, give me spots and make me feel very eugh!!

I am going to get myself into the habit of not feeling that exercise is a chore........i want it to become part of who i am. i want to be the girl that people look at and think wow.....shes so healthy looking, her skin glows, she is toned etc.
I now dont want to do this to just be thin (although it is part of the reason.lol) i want to do this to look and feel healthy. When i eat junk food, i look and feel rubbish, and im fed up of putting myself through this........so here goes to a new me.

oh and also its 12 weeks to my engagement party so i would like to be looking rather good for that.

So ladies....let us all stick together and motivate each other.......lets keep these boards active with all our support.
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yeppie! well done. if u think of healthy eating as a chore it becomes one and a naughty little snack is more likely i think.

and yes we deff need to keep this section of this site more active, come on ladies!!! [said in the style of loose women dont know why, but it just came to me]
haha..loose women!! you gota love that show, pity they dont do it at night time as i work, and i only get to see it when im off ill :( :(

plus it would be great to watch with my fiance to show him exactly how women think. lol.


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S: 13st8lb C: 12st4lb G: 11st8lb BMI: 26.1 Loss: 1st4lb(9.47%)
oh amazing idea i just had... i just got sky plus, im gonna record loose women and watch it when i get back from work. Im a teacher so i get to watch it during half term and holidays. I LOVE IT.


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You go Gal...and yes you can do it! Congrats on the engagement too!
What exercising you got planned? I do love the buzz exercise gives me a jog skipping xtrainer once i have finished it ofcourse! Loose women is great prog faithful devotee of it...


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S: 15st5lb C: 15st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 31.9 Loss: 0st5lb(2.33%)
preetone teachers daughter here! sister a primary teacher & 1 best friend teacher and i used to teach a couple of times a week in schools too! Hols are the best tho....nice & looooooooooooong!
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hi :)
ive started a diet a few of times.
first time was october last year, i was 11st and got down to 10.
I then split up with my long term partner and due to this, put on 2 stone!
I then got back together with my bf, lol, and may last year i lost weight and got to 11 stone.
Then in September i went on another diet and got to 10.5.
Due to christmas etc, i am now 11.12!
I'm determined to get to 10 stone, but by february i want to get to 10.12.
a stone in almost 8 weeks? I really hope i can do that!
I'm so determined, but need support, so felt about joining this and work at it with others.
So far today i have had a sunday dinner and a go ahead bar.
I'm thinking about 900/1000 calories, as i had mash potato, gravy and yorkshire. Wouldn't normally have them, but my boyfriend's mom cooked it so felt bad!
I aim to eat 1000 or max, 1200 calories a day, which should be 2 pounds a week!
What are everybody else's plans ?


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