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    Now starting day three of lipotrim, days one and two went well i was busy at work and coped well, this morning is another story.

    9.30 and i have cleaned my teeth three times already, i have a headache and just want to go back to bed!!!

    i know this should be the start of ketosis but i have done a dip test this morning and its not happening yet:(. In desperation i jumped on the scales, yes i know its just water, and happy to say its six pounds down :) so that might give me a confidence boost to get through the weekend.

    just hope i get through this stage before Monday as i am not sure i can cope with work feeling like this.

    is there anyone out there who also started on the 2nd who wants to keep in touch on our journey.
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  3. lucylastic22

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    Hi There! I started on the 1st of Jan so on day 4! I did have a really horrid taste in my mouth all day yesterday and had a bit of a headache, I was at work and totally felt fed up...I find if im even half hour late with a shake and doing something physical which my work is then i get grouchy and weak... I was told them ketosis tests are not very reliable so dont worry if not showing...if you have the bad breath, headache and 6lb loss then you must be!

    I am not craving food as much as i thought i would be since the comes in waves but soon passes but today i feel quite tired and like you said i wouldnt want to go to work like sure we get used to it soon though.

    Good luck!
  4. Carmel77

    Carmel77 Member

    Hi I have just joined the site and only on day 2 of lipo trim my friend recommended it to me after losing 2 stone in a month. I don't feel hungry in my tummy just can't stop thinking about food
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    Day 6 and starting to feel better, just wish i could get rid of the ketosis breath, i know i cant have chewing gum but there must be something that will help.

    first weigh in tomorrow so hoping the scales justify the last six days or the will power might just slip

    back tomorrow to let you know
  6. lucylastic22

    lucylastic22 Member

    Hi....I am getting weighed tomorrow as well.....good luck and i will let you know too!!
  7. Carmel77

    Carmel77 Member

    Good luck to both I am coming to the end of my day 5 and have been so incredibly shocked with how disciplined I have been. It's truly amazing what we can do when we put our mind to it.

    how long are you planning to do the first stage of no food. I am only asking because my pharmacy recommended 4 weeks before introducing food. The next stage where the shakes are 2 meals and I have and evening meal is so exciting but just do know if I can do 3 more weeks cold turkey
  8. vJames

    vJames Full Member

    There are breath strips available from your pharmacist that you're allowed to use.
  9. lucylastic22

    lucylastic22 Member

    Hi guys....i lost 8lb this week :D I am very pleased but i am struggling today as had a little jog this morning and so hungry now! I think i will stick to long walks! Tomorrow I have a 12 hour day and my job is very physical so that will be interesting...sometimes I get so tired but other times I get lots of energy on this diet! Good luck!
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    Just back from the pharmacy, waaayyyyyy 9 lbs off !!!

    just the incentive i needed to keep going into week two.

    hope you are all managing ok this week.
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    So pleased with my weight loss i treated myself to food

    Although i knew it was wrong i just needed something real, it was cheese a small piece but so typical of my attitude to food. Its a reward, its a treat, its for comfort, its to cheer me up when i am down. I am learning that i have find a way to change my attitude.

    hopefully not too much damage done but i need to change my attitude once and for all

    i'm staying positive as i start week 2

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