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New Year new start

Hi everyone.

Hope you had a fab Christmas. I have been away for a while, lots going on and needless to say, CC went out the window :eek:

But I am back and raring to go! So who is joining me in a New Year challenge?! I am re-joining my gym and going to use my Pilates dvd that Santa ever so kindly brought me, so fingers crossed I will be back on track soon. I need to have a think about some goals - does anyone have any yet?

PS - am too scared to weigh at the mo, will do on 1st Jan :sigh: lol
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I decided to start today, first gym session will be on monday...
going to try and go 5 days a week.

my goal is to loose half a stone by valentines day. im going sking that week so want to have lost some weight, and be alot fitter so i dont look like a dummy infront of the kids [school trip]
ok, so i ate a few of the chocolate decorations from the tree. and tomorrow im going for a sunday lunch, sooooo im starting on monday. GYM healthy eating drinking lots of water. i bought loads of veggies and salad today, some juice and yorghurts etc.
trying to motivate myself for gym 2moro, only plus side is [i hope] that not many ppl will be there to see me huff and puff my first work out in 4 months. think i mite start a food/exercise diary ??? keep me on track if you all are keep an eye on me lol.
Hi Preetone.

Half a stone by Valentines Day eh? That's certainly achievable. Good luck with it. It's just a case of head down and gritted teeth!! I weighed earlier, and it was rather shocking. So much so that I now have 18lbs to get to goal - argh! But hey ho, it's not the end of the world. I just have to start again and stick to it.

I can't start back to the gym yet as I have to re-join and pay a months up front, and my bank account is still in post-Christmas shock! Hubby starts back a week tomorrow though, so if I complain enough I'm sure he'll stump up for me :cool: but I do intend starting my Pilates dvd tomorrow.

Have fun tomorrrow. What's the plan? I think I'm going to start back with 20 mins bike, 20 mins rower, 20 mins brisk walking at increasing incline. Taking it very easy obviously :whacky068: it must have been about 4 months for me too :eek:

I may join you in your first goal actually, sounds like a plan to me :D
Well i worked it out as 7 weeks and 1lbs a week. it is possible. Will be the most i have lost in a long time.
40mins cardio to take it easy??!!!! thats loads for me. after a few weeks i'd hope to be doing that.

well im starting out with 20mins on walking, 10mins X trainer and 10mins bike. ill do that every day this week[except new years day]. ill try up the levels rather then time next week.

looking forward to it. my diary also starts 2moro, i will amuse u all with my funny stories hehe
Hey Preetone.

Hope today was a sucess for you! It wasn't for me :( I think I am going to have to wait until hubby is back in work and into his routine before I can get on with mine :(:(:( men!:rolleyes:

I am being 'forced' to work this week, it's the first time ever I have had to work over the Christmas period. So to get the most out of the holidays I am working from 6am to 12pm so I still get most of the day at home. Drawback however, I am shattered!! I just slept for 2 hours on the sofa. So can't see much Pilate-ing going on this week. On the plus side, I have started cutting down in anticipation of next Monday :D, so at least I have achieved something today! ;):) Hope everyone else was a better girl than me :eek:!!
hey ladies, hope you all had a lovely christmas.
I had a wonderful time in ireland, but i think i over indulged just a tad tooooo much.lol.
so definatley in with the new year, new start. Cant wait to get started again, feel so eugh at the minute.


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