New Year, New Things


Queen of the Damned
What new things are you going to try in the new year? Was just reading the yoga thread, and considering finding a class in the new year. So what plans are you making?

  • Yoga
  • Colonic Irrigation
  • Any more?
I want to go swimming which feels like a big deal as I am so body conscious but I am going to do it ! :eek: :)

and I also want to get back into horse riding when I know it won't be too cruel to the horse.:eek:

4 stone down, 4/5 to go for a new me in 2007 ! Hurray !:D
I look forward to posting my new slim line pictures of myself. hopefully by mid year. I also look forward to going swimming with my boys (Im fed up with sitting on the sides watching them have fun)
im looking forward to wearing long boots that WILL do up despite my ruddy calves, DQ!!
good luck sonkie.

I'm going to do and 10k run and then hopefully a half marathon.

I've also made an appointment to ask for breast reduction surgery!

I'm also going to get a website up and running for my life coaching business. So far it's been word of mouth, but it's time to expand.

Apart from that and maintain my weight I'll take it easy:rolleyes:
Mine is to maintain my weight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After being a housewife for ten years I would like to get a parttime job or two that is fulfilling and that fits in with my lovely family. (May be a challenge but I'm up for it now I've lost weight!)

Want to get fit too!

Dizzy x
to look myself in the eye in the mirror

to walk on a beach topless

to see the old man downstairs without the aid of contortions

to be able to cross my legs whilst sitting down

to have someone sit next to me on a bus or train THROUGH CHOICE

to find love and affection (all together now aaaaaaahhhhhhh)

to start playing golf again

to ride a horse again (and not the shire version)

to run a mile in under 2hours 36 minutes (well 10 mins actually - I can walk one in 13.5 mins)

and I'm sure there's many more