New Year


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I was struggling with getting back into it, after all the naughty things i ate over xmas/new year. Yesterday though something clicked and back on it 100%. so far so good. Can't wait to get back to swimming on monday. Have sent all the leftovers home with bf, just kept sons selection boxes for him but i can resist them as i have some milky ways if i get desperate. Couple of nights over xmas i felt awful from overeating and i mean physically. Went to bed last night feeling comfortable yet satisifed :)
Hope everyone is managing to get back on track.


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I feel great! I was on plan up until boxing day when I went out with friends and family for lunch and dinner. I had a couple of glasses of wine and dessert but nothing too outrageous and was back on track the next day. Weighed in on new year's eve and lost 3lbs! :D


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I'm glad to get back to plan, and I am very focused and motivated for my new year weight loss.


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Losing 3lbs on new years eve thats fantastic.
Ive been pretty good. Ive had treats but basically been on plan. So hopefully on Tuesday it will pay off.