Need help
So if you have or are still losing weight what will your New Years Resolution be?

What do we do?

Mine is buy and enjoy more clothes.

Nick :)
Hi Nick

I have several New Year's Resolutions, I don't make them, but this is the first time I've felt I can actually fulfill it.

1. I have to continue to lose weight - I want a slim summer

2. Do something adventurous - rock climbing in my figure becomes my knees can take.

3. Learn how to ride a bike, it's been on my list for years as I will not get on a bike at my weight.

4. Buy lots of clothes from any high street shop.

5. With my new found confidence look for a new job.
One thing that will NOT be on the top of my list is to start a new diet.The one thing that has been there most of my life.
That was on the top of this years list and for once it was one that I have kept,changing my life so much.
2007 will be
Keep weight off
Help lots of others to feel the way I do now by being a good CDC.
exercise more and get trimmer and fitter.
Can not think but sure I will add to list.
My NY resolution

Well .. like so many others every year I say I'll lose weight and give up the nasty white sticks .... its taken me 10 months of the year to do 'owt about it but I am on day 18 of CD and have had 2 ciggies since last friday!

Soooooo I guess my only hopes for next year will be to have lost all the weight I need to lose by 11th Feb and to have given up smoking entirely!

I'd also like to think that I'll be a good wife to my lovely husband (1st yr anniversary in May) as hes had to put up with a lot from me RE my weight this year and has had to get me through some dark days .... hes the bestest!

Gonna keep the weight off and eat well, rest well, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly!

I'm not letting all this hard work go to waste! :)
I'm glad to say I'm with Libbie - this year I won't be making a resolution to lose weight - first time in I don't know how many years. And as I'll be a CDC then too, my resolution is to help others with their weight loss journeys & resolutions.
Well, I hope to be about half way thru my weight loss journey come January resolution will be to stick with it!! Another will be to get me a better paid job, so I can afford lots of lovely new clothes to wear!!
Mine will be, now I have lost the weight, to maintain it and not forget what it was like before the diet.

It's easy to forget.