New Year's Resolution - AGAIN!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone,

I swore when I was near my final target in December 05, that I would never, ever again have my new year's resolution as "must lose weight". Yet here I am again after putting on almost 3 stone since beginning of this year and I am getting more and more depressed by it.

No one to blame but myself, I just can't stop eating. I am not hungry, but I just want to eat, doesn't necessarily have to be something I crave or even like, just as long as it is food.

I had restled with the idea of going back and trying CD for the last few weeks, but the thought of giving up food completely for a while, made me change my mind, yet again.

However, after the last few days (where I actually got sick from eating too much) I have decided to give it another go. And I know that I will get great support from you guys here, as to be honest, your support of other forum members (each other) has given me the final kick I need.

I have been lurking here since September, when I had a disastrous go on CD, posting every now and then but mostly reading everyone elses story. So here I am again but this time I am going to give it another go.

I have taken the first step and I have been in touch with my CDC. She didn't even mention the fact that I gave up last time, she was just really supportive at my decision to give it another go. I have my sachets at the ready (I have a mixture just to see what I like) and I am getting ready for Monday morning January 1st.

I will have 7 weeks before I go on holidays and would like to have lost a stone by then at least.

The only problem I have is that when I tried it the first time, the after-taste left by the sachets made me throw up. No matter how much water I drank after each mouthful even to wash it away, the taste was there. And if I burped, god help me it was back up. I know this "after-taste" is the nutrients but is there anything else that can be put in to ease or even better, get rid of that taste? A bit of honey or natural sweetener????? Please tell me there is???

I tried the Mushroom soup, Cappucino and strawberry all gave me the same taste.

Anthing to help with that?

Anyway, sorry for the long ramble. I look forward to reading everyones journey and hopefully I will be just as successful and you will also be able to read mine.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Hi Sarah :)

Did you try the Tetras? I've never known an aftertaste with them. I did an aftertaste with the soups, but it didn't really bother me.

Perhaps spraying your mouth with goldspot after you've had one? Not sure what else to suggest.

Hope you find it better this time around. Best of luck
Thanks karion dieting,

Do the tetras cost the same as the sachets do you know?

Also, what is goldspot and where can I get it?

Thanks again.
Some CDC's charge the same amount regardless of whether you get shakes, tetras or bars. Others do charge a few more pence for the bars and tetras. It'll depend on your counsellor.

Though I was rather strapped for cash, I decided that it was worth paying a little more for them (well, one a day anyway) as I knew I was spending more in 'normal' food and it certainly helped me stay on track.
Could you perhaps split the packs and have them more frequently but with more water in to make them less concentrated?

Maybe a 'little and often' approach with a weaker concentration just might help wean you onto the taste.

Good luck with your new start: I myself am restarting on the 2nd so there will be quite a few of us taking the plunge :)
Thank you Debbie,

I will give that a try. Hopefully that will work. It will probably help with the "shock" of no food as well.

Thanks again. Good Luck to you on your journey.