new years resolutions?


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hi there
anyone made any?

i swore last year would be the final year i made the resloution to lose weight....

however, here i am again!

well, i'm slightly changing it this year as instead of saying i will lose 4 stone i am going to make sure i don't go over 10 stone ever again.

i'm 3 stone lighter than this time last year - next year on this date i will be at least half a stone lighter than I am now

my other resolution is to sort out my excercise. i do 2 months of going mad then 2 months of nothing
- this year i want to spread my excercise out so i'm always doing some - just not 6 days a week then nothing

to be active 3 times week then is my resolution

daisy x

edited to add that my last resolution is never to make another weight related new years resolution!!
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Mine is to shift this weight finally. I started on 6th December and I have lost 23lbs to date. I fell off the wagon over Christmas and it has been difficult starting again so as of tomorrow when I see my CDC I am doing this 100%.


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I don't do them either. I'm rubbish at seeing things through most of the time.
Then occasionally something is really important to me - I can focus and do it.
Like it was after 25 years I decide to lose all that weight.
If I had made a New Years Resolution every year for 25 years to lose weight I would have felt an absolute failure .
I used to make an almost daily promise to myself to lose weight - and never did it -
until this time.
Those demons hold so much power.:(

Mutley McGee

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I have three New Year resolutions this year.

1. To fit into a size 14 or lower by 19th September 2010.

2. To start giving blood every 4 months.

3. To start living my life. My friend died back in May 08 and my ex died in Oct 09. They were both younger then me and I've started to realise I need to start living my life.
In the words of Nikki Sixx "There's nothing like a funeral to make you feel alive"



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I made on last year - to lose 6 stone and keep it off - which I have done (just about).

This year I'm with you Daisy, to start 2011 at least 7lb lighter than I'm starting 2010. :)


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Good for you Mutley.
I know it's a cliche but life must go on and you might as well
be as healthy and happy as possible.
Good luck in 2010 .


Gotta Make A Change
my res for the new year
get into a profession i will enjoy
get lean and cut
and maintain my WL :)