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New York Pt 2


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last year i lost 5 and a half stone in 12 weeks on lipotrim, i got to 13 stones and a had an amazing holiday in new york....

here i am january im 15 stone 5 and ive booked to go back.

so ive 17 weeks to loose as much weight as i can... i think i only need to loose about 3 stones, but im hoping for more. i intend to stay on lipotrim for 12-14 weeks this time...i may have to come off sooner if i hit the right bmi. :)

so today is my first day.. i shall let you all know how i do.. my first weigh in is a week saterday so my first week will actually be 9 days long... hoping for a good loss....

my name is nikki and last time here i made some good friends which i still keep in touch with....

hope to make some more this time round. :D
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Hi Nikki :) NY is a fab incentive :) I <3 NY! :) I especially <3 the NY deli's! lol

Good luck with round 2 :)



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hey Nikki..welcome back!! you will fly through this,, you know the drill, and we will all be here to support you all the way!! good luck with the first few days and getting into ketosis...remember to keep busy! :D x


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i really should try and keep this up to date.

I started lipotrim a week last thursday, but the same day i had a call from the hospital my mum was gravely ill, i rushed to newcastle to the hospital and later that night she died.

needless to say my diet didnt start as planned. Having spoken to my other half i decided to start the diet anyway on the sunday, as i really wasnt feeling like eating and we thought that it may be a good week to start this again.

I started lipotrim on sunday 23rd jan.
had my first weigh in the following saterday and id lost 12.5 lbs, although thats a really good start and i had no trouble at all the first week. Ive had rather a rough time this past week though and now the funerals over and im back at home, im feeling the stress of not eating.

Comfort eating and drinking was my thing, and through my hard times its what would have comforted me a lot.

But i will stick with this i dont really have that much to loose, and whats a few weeks in the scheme of things huh.

making all the food for the wake was hard and harder watching them eat it all when i couldnt eat or drink.

but im going to get through this, and come out on the other side a better .. thinner ... person.

So please bear with me.

Hi Nix. So sorry to hear about your mom. Its so good that you have been able to go ahead with starting your diet at such a stressful time - well done! I would love to do New York thin - I went last year in January and it was snowing and cold so I had to wrap up in a big fleecy coat :eek: not a good look. I plan to go back as well as a lighter me! Well done on your weight loss. I just started this morning and ok so far, just trying to glug down the water as its not something I am good at :sigh:
Oh Nix I'm so sorry to hear about your mum, I've lost both my parents and nothing I can say will make you feel any better, only time will do that. You've been incredibly strong to get started on this diet and do so well so far, I wish you the very best of luck x


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thank you....

worst day today had to get my kids chips and sausage from the chip shop for tea coz thats what they asked for ... couldnt dodge the food had to put it out and now my kitchen smells of chips....

ooh i would have killed for one of them but i resisted and threw away the left overs... *sigh*

everytime i feel like i may be tempted i just think in 16 weeks time im gonna be in new york and if i want chips then.. i can have em ...

thats keeping me strong.. heres hoping for a good weigh in this saterday with my first full week of lipotrim.. the first week was only 6 days .....

who knows i may be close to a third of my target in 2 weeks yay.....

Keep thinking Bloomingdales! You can easily get to target in 16 weeks if you stay 100% x


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6lbs this week a bit more than i was expecting but nice all the same.....

now ive almost done a third of my way in only a few weeks

roll on next week...

and them flapjacks......
i will order them next week. i know their horrid but last time i actually got into them a bit

excellent progress Nix - you must be thrilled. Well done.


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Well done Nix, especially with throwing away the leftovers from the children's meals. Tough but feels good later!


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would love to get to 13st 10 this week another 5 lbs off and closer to my target...

fingers crossed for sat....

Good luck nikki x


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woohoo.....4.5lbs off thats 23lbs in a month only two weeks left for this month and id like to be on a square 13 stone

thats another 10.5lbs for me

fingers crossed.......

oog not to mention i cooked valentines tea and goodies for my husband and boys and not a smidgen went through my lips.... go me.....

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