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new you question


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There's no food allowed on the lipotrim diet :)check you are reading the right blogs as i did this before and got very confused especially when it said something about only 1 chicken fillet :)


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sorry crossed paths lol i mean the new you diet, which a few people on here were discussing :) im on lipotrim but just askin about something else.


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Yes i think you must be, just read it on there, it says add stuff. Might be an idea to go to VLCD forum to ask any more questions on New you as it gets confusing for others doing LT:)
yeah i think you can if you want..you can either do a tfr witht he shakes from the tfr menu which gives you all your nutrients or you can use the others like the spag bol etc with a multivitamin. the reason they have the salad with it is that you can have it if you want. but if you want maximum weight loss the tfr is the way to go...it does get a little confusing on the website but they said that they were in the middle of making it so itl prob make more sense when its done.x

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