1. xxxjessiexxx

    xxxjessiexxx Silver Member

    Hi everyone starting simple start Tomorow I joined ww today can I have aldi porridge oats ? And don't have to weigh them and aldi fat free yog ?

    Was thinking tomorow to do

    Breakfast Aldi porridge oats
    Frozen fruit
    Mixed with aldi ff yog

    Banana snack

    Luch will be chicken and veg with home made onion gravy ( onions chopped soften in microwave in water add oxo cube blend (

    Apple snack maybes more ff yog

    Dinner 3 nimble bread scrambled egg with splash skimmed milk

    Something fruity for snack

    Is this ok ????

    Thanks Jessie.
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  3. xxxjessiexxx

    xxxjessiexxx Silver Member

    Anyone ?
  4. L1sa73

    L1sa73 Full Member

    That looks ok to me x
  5. xxxjessiexxx

    xxxjessiexxx Silver Member

    Thank you x

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