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Starfire first ever attempt at dieting

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Starfire, 10 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. Starfire

    Starfire Member

    This is going to be my weight loss diary. I have never really tried to diet before, just always buried my head in the sand :-(
    Tipping point was this week, noticing the Size 20 work trousers are now too tight.
    So, Slimming world it is. I love food and am lazy and don't really cook much but have the help of my husband who does love cooking!
    Its our 10 year anniversary Sept 2015 and I would love to be the size I was when I meet him, Size 10.
    I have been given print outs of the syns, healthy extra and free foods. I can't commit to group because of work and Online is a tad expensive at the moment for me. So going it alone.

    So here goes with my food from my first day yesterday and today.

    Friday 9[SUP]th[/SUP] May
    Breakfast – Oats so simple multi grain. HeA HeB 20g dried cranberries. 4.5 syns 2x Coffee with sweetener & Semi milk.
    Lunch – Tesco healthy living superfood salad, 2.5 syns 200grams Chicken breast.
    Snack – Grapes. ½ packet Sugar free polos. 2syns. Baked beans.
    Dinner – Tesco frozen Butternut Squash. Roasted courgette, peppers & tomatoes. Oven baked salmon fillet.
    Drinks- 1.5 litre water.
    Total Syns 9

    Saturday 10[SUP]th[/SUP] May
    Breakfast – Mushroom, onion done in fry light, Baked Beans. Scrambled Egg. 1 slice of Hovis best of both bread toasted. 4.5syns 3xCoffee with sweetener & semi. HeA
    Lunch – Tin of Tesco bean salad & Fat free dressing.
    Snack. Blueberries. Special K chewy delight bar. HeB. Cup of Tea with sweeteners and semi. Sugar free polos 2.5syns
    Dinner- SW Spicy chicken drumsticks, SW wedges/chips. Lettuce, spinach, cucumber, tomatoes. Special k chewy delight bar 5syns. Muller light yougurt.
    Drinks- 2 litre water
    Total Syns 12

    I have just made the overnight porridge for me and the kids for tomorrows breakfast, looks lovely.
    Resisting the white wine in fridge :sigh:
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  3. Starfire

    Starfire Member


    I first weighed myself last Saturday, need to use the Wii as scales not working. Came in at 15st7lb. Have been eating healthy all week and started the plan on Friday. Weighed this morning and it says I have put on 6lb:mad:

    Very disheartened. Will be buying a set of scales today, hoping in the Wii is inaccurate.
  4. Starfire

    Starfire Member

    Got some scales, actually weigh 17.01 with clothes on. 2lb off for clothes. Actual weight 16.13. Boo.
    Will be synning on vodka today :sigh:

    Breakfast - Overnight oats with mixed berries. HeB. 3xCoffee with semi milk.HeA
    Lunch - Banana & Special K chewy delight bar ​5syns.
  5. ally_88

    ally_88 Silver Member

    Hi :)

    It does sound that the wii scales were inaccurate! At least with the new scales you have a proper starting point. Try to only weigh at the same time each week as your weight does fluctuate- and sometimes scales can change weight just from being placed in a different position :mad:. I do say try as I am awful for weighing during the week and sometimes when I see the scales going up despite being 'good' it can put me off plan!

    Your food so far has looked great, and it's great your getting the water in- another thing I'm awful for!!
  6. Starfire

    Starfire Member

    Hi Ally and Thank you.

    I am going to be weighing myself on a Sundayonly now, same scales, same place and no clothes next time lol.
    Food wise ,I am really enjoying the plans so far, great that I am not limited to how much I can eat. Alchohol is going to be the hard and I spend a lot of time at work so need to plan what I eat for lunch to resist the office supermarket dash!
    Always have drunk lots of water, so no real change there for me.
    Hubby is cooking roast dinner now. He is being very supportive and is not doing his 'special' cabbage (braised in loads of butter with lardons!) Roast potaoes being done in Micro then in Fry light.
    I have to do this… So fed up with being fat and feeling so unhealthy.
    I go on holiday in 5 weeks and want to feel a bit more happy. x
  7. tamkat

    tamkat Full Member

    here to subscribe good luck on your journey, im sure you will have a nice weight loss in time for your holiday :)
  8. littleblackcloudxo

    littleblackcloudxo Full Member

    Hi :) Think you made the right decision getting some scales, at least you should be able to see a gradual loss now! x
  9. Starfire

    Starfire Member

    Had a lovely tea cooked by my hubby, and he cleared up after:p

    Blown my sins today 25.5 but never mind was under the past couple of days. Back to work tomorrow so will be good.

    Drinks 4 x Vodka & diet coke 16syns. 1litre of water.
    Dinner – Roast chicken, SW potatoes, Veg. 1 x dry yorkie 4.5syns. Frozen fruit salad and muller yougurt

    Thanks for the support :)
  10. Starfire

    Starfire Member

    Good day so far.
    Breakfast -Dorset Nutty Muesli (yummy yum) Blueberries, banana and semi milk. HeA HeB
    Lunch - Salad with prawns and crab sticks, Bean salad. Fat free dressing.
    Snack - Raspberries with Vanilla Muller yogurt
    Drinks 1 litre of water 3 x Black coffee.

    Now home from work, having a naughty Vodka and coke 4syns whilst chicken casserole cooks (Syn free :) will have it with rice I think.
  11. ally_88

    ally_88 Silver Member

    Where are you away to? Holidays are great for motivation :) I won't be going on any as saving for wedding at the moment!!

    The Dorset nutty muesli sounds good, must keep an eye out for it!
  12. Starfire

    Starfire Member

    I am going to Bulgaria, near Sunny beach. Cant wait, we love it and go most years :)

    Had a good day again yesterday:
    Breakfast- Museli and milk with banana
    Lunch- left over chicken casserole
    Tea- Sea bream fillet, rice, pea & quark puree, spinach and asparagus. Was delicious!
    NO SYNS! Didn't really feel hungry, although the kids chocolate was talking to me!

    I have just weighed myself, naughty as was going to wait tip Sunday but weigh 16.8lb. Yeah 5lb off. Very pleased and can't believe I can loose weight and eat this well x
  13. Starfire

    Starfire Member

    Breakfast - Porridge with banana and dried cranberries HeA HeB 4.5 syns 1x Coffee, sweetener & semi.
    Lunch - Baxters Stay full Bean and Chorizo Soup ​? Syns, prob loads :-(
    Snack - Melon
    Drinks - 1 litre of water, 2 x Black Coffee.
    Tea - Seafood Stew and wholemeal pasta.
  14. Starfire

    Starfire Member

    OMG 11.5 syns for the soup :-( Ouch I won't be having that again!

    And its given me belly ache
  15. ally_88

    ally_88 Silver Member

    I went to Sunny Beach for a wedding a few years ago, I really liked it :)

    That's annoying about the soup! Its crazy how high soups are- I think a tin of heinz tomato is around the same!!

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  16. Starfire

    Starfire Member

    Breakfast - 35g Dorset nutty cereal, blueberries, raspberries. Small glass of Aloe Juice (Bleurgh!)Lots of syns
    Lunch - Salad, no dressing, crab sticks, prawns & tuna
    Snack - Raspberries, Banana & Special K bar 4.5 syns

  17. Starfire

    Starfire Member

    Going to be having a yummy steak and SW chips for tea tonight, really looking forward to it! Thursday is normally chinese night, and I would normally have all the really bad things like chicken balls and ribs. But No, feel that I am doing so well I am not going to ruin it all :)
    Last edited: 15 May 2014

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