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Im new here and ive recently started ww and im doin well ...... i think but ive recently twisted my ankle and wondered if theres anything i can do to help my weight loss even though i can't walk properly.
I really gotta lose the weight as its gettin me down now.
Any ideas out there? any would do.
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Yep agreed :) .. it will still come off xx
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There's things you can still do like press ups (full or half) Sit up/ab crunches, tricep dips.

I know all upper body work, but will get the heart rate a little rasied.

Hope it heels soon.


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Im another newbie bt think if you stick to your points, you will still lose, just think the exercise might speed things up

Good luck x
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Hiya - Im newish and find this site great fun. Everyone's really supportive.

I used to run (not very well but I did do), and recently tried again, but put my knee out of joint so the whole knee was really sore. I started swimming and my knee has cleared up:) Swimming doesn't put any pressure on joints and once you're in the water is quite relaxing..

Good luck - Karen x:D
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This will sound odd - but it does raise your heart rate - footballers do it before games to warm up

Stand (or sit...never tried it sitting?) - and raise your arms to shoulder height but keep them bent at the elbows with your hands tucked in towards your chest.

Now move them from the elbow, keeping your arms tucked in tight in circles as fast as you can - circle your arms forwards and then backwards. You will get out of breath pretty quickly.

Another thing I use - mostly for toning -is a dynaband - you can do all the exercises with that as resistance. When you build muscle tone it uses more calories than just having fat would - so double the result.

As Sandy says, though, you will still lose weight without any exercise at all.

Good luck xx
lost weight

Well my ankle is still sore but i still managed to lose 5 pounds last week. yay im so happy. bring it on haha x


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well done!! Thats a brilliant loss!!
thanx for all your support. ive never had so much support b4 and hope 2 b part of this group 4 a long time 2 come. i got a wedding 2 lose weight 4 so hopefully ill get some weight off 4 then xxx


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Well done on the 5lbs - what a flying start!


Going From Flab to FAB!
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Wll done thats brill :) .... well done xx xx