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Newbie..... advice please :)

I'm kim, I'm 38 mum of two beautiful children and married the best man ever. I'm morbidly obese with 9 stone to lose and I've tried all diets . I lost 6 stone on ww 9 years ago between children, I lost 5 on Cambridge plan but ended up very poorly. I lost3.5 st on sw last year. But as soon as I'm off plan for what ever reason it literally piles back on. I need a lifestyle change but I'm stuck. I work part time (Podiatrist) a dont have great health - hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, depression, anxiety, vitamin d deficiency and Ibs. I'm absolutely determined to lose the weight, I want to be here for my kids s d enjoy life not watch it go by. I looking at going back to sw or ww asap but unsure which one? Or if to do calorie counting at home alone? Anyone have any advice? Thank you so much
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Welcome! x

I think that slimming world would suit your lifestyle a lot better. It's more of a lifestyle change than a diet and it's very easy to plan and stick to with the added option of 'all you can eat'. Weightwatchers has a lot more restrictions added to the diet, i always felt hungry on weight watchers and only lasted 3 weeks.

I'd also recommend attending group. I find it very motivational and it pushes me to go for that weight loss at weigh-in. You also get to learn a few nice tips and tricks at group for keeping those syns down. You can also see where people mess up and i'm like a big kid getting the stickers and certificates haha, it motivates me to achieve the next one.


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Hi Kim,

Choosing a way to lose weight is so confusing. If I had the magic answer I would be rich!

I have done WW before – really successful and lost 8 stone. This time I am calorie counting and have lost 8.5 stone. Both methods gave me flexibility, and the ability to eat what I want. I fought against calorie counting for so long, but actually have found it really easy as I can eat what I want – just not all at once, and maybe in a smaller portion than previously. CC is now something I would do for the rest of my life.

Both WW and SW do actually advocate you follow their plans for life. So even though I followed WW for 7 months, as soon as I stopped, like you all the weight piled on. But WW do advocate you point for life. SW I have never done, but I’m pretty sure you get free membership for life once you each target and stay within 5 lbs of it.

WW and SW both have a cost to them (whereas CC is free). However slimming clubs do have the meetings which some people find helpful. If you don’t want meetings you can follow either plan on your own. Both plans allow you to still eat family meals, and no need to cook multiple foods. A benefit of SW is that you don’t feel hungry, but I think WW can do this also, it just relies on your choosing fulfilling low point food.

Cambridge can mean you lose weight quickly, but it is hard to stick to. There are other versions that don’t make you join a class, so can be cheaper. But still the same level for difficulty in sticking too.

Slim Fast might be an option. If you liked the ease of Cambridge, but still want to eat a meal with your family you can do it that way. Or modify and do Slim Fast Monday – Friday and calorie count at the weekend.

Both times I have lost serious weight, I started with Atkins. The first time I did it for 2 weeks, and then time for 4 months. For me it was a great cleanse, and helped me kick start my weightless. Once I had 20 lbs lost, I found sicking to an eating plan much easier as I didn’t want to jeopardise what I had achieved. Not sure how this sits with you, as it’s not for everyone so just a suggestion for you to think about.

I also have an underactive thyroid, and a diagnosis of anxiety. I now have much more energy, and the weight loss has improved my anxiety to a point I didn’t even think about a lot of my previous anxieties.

I honestly don’t think there is one ‘best’ diet, it’s just about finding what works or you. If you do try something and find it’s not right, don’t give up. Just tweak and find something else. I did Atkins for 4 months, and found I couldn’t stick it long term. So instead I tried calorie counting and found it worked or me. If CC hadn’t worked, I might have tried SW. The important thing is to go down, and whatever helps you do that (in a healthy way) is the best eating plan.
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I agree a lot with what Buffy said above. I don't think diets work. I think you need to find something that works for you.

What one thing can you do differently this week that you can stick to? Can you drink 4 glasses of water? Eat vegetables for dinner each night? Walk round the block for 5 minutes? Reduce your calories by 250 each day?

I wouldn't try and do everything straightaway, I'd make one change this week. Then add something else next week. And keep building.

It might be slow but it's likely to be more sustainable than attempting a diet that doesn't reflect you and the way you live your life.
Thank you for your replies. Weight loss feels like a mine field at the moment! I want something I can stick to so I don't 'fall of plan' as such and then few like a failure and give up. I know it's all down to me and my motivation and will power . I'm an emotional eater..... I decide to diet..... then get down about something so then go and eat. One of my patients s today suggested finding something else to be my 'go to' when I'm emotional instead of food. I'm going to try CC as I think it will give me the flexibility I need . I have also downloaded my fitness pal and also the 'lose it' app. Thanks to all of you, I'm sure I'll be asking for more advice at some point :)

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