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Hi all, have a bit of a SW history so here goes. Started in 1997 and lost 2 stone in less than 6 months. Had 2 pregnancies soon after but got weight down without problems - always back to under 9 stone. Then earlier this year the weight started creeping up a little so I rejoined in March and lost 9 pounds quickly and kept it off for 6 months. Unfortunately, I developed a sweet tooth in the school holidays - out of nowhere!! My weight has gone up by 1 stone in 2 months and am desperate to shift it as all my clothes are sooo tight :sigh:. Rejoined SW 3 weeks ago but for some reason I just can't stick to it - I seem to overeat all the time and just keep craving bad foods like choc, crisps, biscuits, too much cheese (not bread thank goodness) - all things that I don't even like. :cry:Just wondering if anyone has any tips for me. Thanks a mil.
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Hello :)
No tips as such, just wanted to say good luck and with a bit of willpower you can do it :)


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Thanks for that. I lost 3.5 pounds last week so that was bril. Not a good day yesterday (drink rather than food) but haven't had any syns yet today. I'm going to try red days Monday to Friday, a green day on Saturdays to get my cravings out of the way and Extra Easy on Sundays. I think that would be easiest for me to stick to. Well done with your weight loss so far. Very impressive! :)