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Newbie and on day 2 of cambridge

Hi All, im on day 2 of the diet today and am doing the sole source as I feel I need to take food out of the equation or I know I will over eat. Im doing ok although im constantly thinking about food and seem to spend a lot of time in the loo! Has anyone got any tips they could pass on? What sort of results should I expect to see in the first week? Sorry lots of questions!! Thanks
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I lost 6.5 pounds in my first week but I think the average is about 7. But there are people who lose a lot more like 10-12 pounds which is incredible. The important thing is that it will fall off quickly and no other diet can help you lose weight this fast and this "easily". Taking food out of the equation is so much easier! Good luck hun and keep going!


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Hey hun, As someone already mentioned once ketosis has kicked in you'll no longer feel physical hunger but you may struggle with psychological hunger - just fancying something but it helps to keep busy.........i find the evenings were the hardest so would have lots of early nights, long hot baths, paint my nails (you can't eat with wet nails) or come on here and moan! lol

I'm only on Day 1 of a re-start but the first time round i lost 13lbs in my first week. I think how much you lose the first week largely depends on how much you have to lose & what your diet is like beforehand.
First week is the hardest, drink, drink and drink more! It takes a week or two to get out of the habit of shoving food into your mouth.( I didnt realise how much of a snack habit I had until started this!) All of a sudden you will find you re You are on the loo loads because you are going into ketosis and your body getting rid of excess water. I still go lots due to water intake, but nothing compared with the first 2 weeks. Hope this helps x
should read 'find you are not hungry'


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hi 'want.to.be.slim' ..! good luck! we started the same day so keep me posted on how you're finding it!.. I'm finding it fine so far. Not really hungry, the only annoying thing is the constant weeing but hey at least all those stairs should be doing me good!

I'm not expecting my first W.I to be good because I had my initial meeting last wednesday but didn't start until monday and in the mean time was eating craaap! Which will also mean ketosis will take longer to kick in. Any kind of loss would be amazing though :D
I try and think of evey wee as liquid fat coming away, makes it alot less annoying! Sorry if ive grossed you out x x


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I try and think of evey wee as liquid fat coming away, makes it alot less annoying! Sorry if ive grossed you out x x
Thats actually a really good way of looking at it!
(it takes a lot more than that to gross 'me' out! lol)

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