Newbie... Bit nervous


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Hello all.

I've signed up to this support site today, though I won't be starting today, I want to prepare my food and plan some things.

I have just spent a couple of days on a detox, to try and cleanse my system, but its just not been good, I wasn't allowed to eat anything nice, no milk, no bread, no chocolate, no tea. loads of big fat NOs, and the more i'm told i'm not allowed something the more I want it. Plus I began getting a migraine and I've never in my life had one... so my answer was that my body doesn't agree in starving myself of the food it wants.

Instead I want to do this slimming world everyone is talking about, I'm gutted though, I didn't know about it until someone gave me yesterdays mirror leaflet, (I've also bought today's but I missed the first 2 leaflets)

Anyway my plan is to start a healthy diet, eating things in moderation rather than denying myself food I enjoy. I love to cook, so I will search books, online, everywhere for good recipes.

I am also going to begin more exercise, I'm a bit of a lazy person when it comes to exercise, I'm the type that will curl up with a good book over getting active. My problem is my location, I live in the middle of nowhere, its not practical to waste petrol driving to the gym, its costs too much, I can't jog because the ground is so rough and chopped up by the hunt, many a time have I twisted my ankle in a hidden horseshoe hole. And as much as I want to cycle I live on a very dangerous and busy road, full of lorries, many people have been knocked over and killed on this road. I take my dog for walks and challenge myself to run up the hills with her, but its just not enough is it. What exercise is there I can do at home... I do davina's dvd, but I feel I should change it up every few days or I will get bored and stop.

Anyway, this is me, I'm starting out on my journey to lose weight and I wish all of you luck in your challenges. I'll shut up now, but please feel free to have a good old natter with me, I listen well and enjoy a good chat too.

Lets do this! :)
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Hello and welcome :) good luck with slimming world seems like lots of people really love the diet as it's so flexible.

For exercise DVDs I swear by 30 day shred, you can do 20 minutes, 40 minutes or a full hour. It's circuit based so mixes up cardio, weights and abs.


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Good luck, great site for information and support, good luck with your journey,