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Newbie - Could do with some help!

S: 16st3lb G: 0st11lb
Hi guys.

Decided today I really need to do something about my weight.

Im 19, roughly 15 stone & 5foot 4, overweight for my age!

Im a size 18, pushin 20; which i dont feel is right for my age! Im jealous that other girls my age can wear all the nice clothes that are in all the shops, where as i struggle in some shops to find clothes! Ideally id like to be a size 12 (I wish!)

I have been diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome), & at 19 it is a big shock!

Doctor advised me not to diet/crash diet, but to become more healthy. However I need help with this! I know the usual things, eat more fruint & veg, exercise etc, but i can never seem to stick to this!

I also find i can't really talk to anyone about it, and only a select few know about my PCOS!

Im stuck in a routine, & working in an office doesnt help, as there is constantly sweets, crisps, cakes etc being passed around!

So Hi everyone! :princess:
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Hi and welcome to mini mims :) did you know there is a pcos section here? it might be a good idea to visit your library and get some info on pcos,you might find some dietary advice there too.

did you know jamie olivers wife has pcos?

it may help you to follow a diet plan, like slimming world or weight watchers,start a food diary at home or on here.

do you take things with you to work to it? maybe you could fill up a lunch box of mixed fruit and nibble on that during the day to avoid the sweets?

good luck! :D
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Welcome! I work in an office too and it's very tempting to tuck into what's been passed around! I have made my colleagues aware that I am on a healthy eating plan and they respect that. I take lots of fruit into work with me - I find apples and bananas can be a bit boring day in day out so most days I take chopped strawberrys, melon, kiwi fruit, nectarines and grapes into work with me to nibble on throughout the day. We also have 'cake Fridays' (!) so rather than eat the cakes on offer, I take a cereal bar to eat instead so I don't feel left out! I like the Special K ones - very tasty and very low in calories.

I also keep a food diary - this helps me keep track of what I'm eating.

Wishing you every success with your weightloss.



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Hi welcome to Minimins. Sorry to hear about your PCOS. As said above, their is a section dedicated to people who have it. I too work in an office that constantly has cakes, biscuits and sweets in. They all bring in buffet items too every so often. Thankfully after years of looking for something to suit me, I'm on a low carb diet, and find I'm rarely hungry. Good luck with your weightloss
S: 16st3lb G: 0st11lb
thanks guys!

its nice to know im not alone!

iv been taking fruit to work, & avoiding cakes/sweets etc but i dont seem to be losing weight! only putting it on; which i totally dont understand as my diet has changed to be more healthier & i have cut out junk!

Miss Mango

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:welcome2: to the forums hun, hope you enjoy your stay with us!

I understand completely what it feels like to be overweight and being envious of all the nice clothes that smaller sized people can fit into, I too go into the shops and envy the beautiful things, most clothes now seem to be in size 8's - I've never been that size in my life!
But with determination and motivation I am going to get myself back down and into my size 10/12's. I have a wardrobe full of lovely clothes which are too small for me and are still new, I WILL get into them if its the last thing I do! :D

Anyway, welcome and I hope to chat with you soon. There is a forum section here for PCOS, sorry to hear you've been diagnosed with that. I have endometriosis which can be a struggle for me too. Hope to see you around :) X
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Hi, Nik,you have started eating more healthily and over time that will become a habit not a chore.

Is there anything you could do at home to boost more exercise? Some of the fitness dvd's can be complicated manouvres or dance moves which I personally am hopeless at following, but just dancing around to music at home would help.

If you haven't got a dog then it's difficult to motivate yourself into going for a walk and when it rains it is off putting, but if you could try and walk even for just half an hour at a fast pace it would help.

The advice you dr gave you about crash dieting is sound advice and whilst I'm sure you would like more instant results you don't want to damage your health by losing weight too quickly so you could look at diet plans that may be slower at losing weight but are in the long run more healthy.

At 19 I wonder if you still live at home and whether a member of your family could join in with the going for a walk and healthy eating even if they don't want to lose weight but just become fitter?

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Hi Nikkx and welcome :wavey: Keep at it as sometimes it takes a while for the weight loss to show. I've been doing Slimming World for almost 4 weeks and only now the weight seems to be moving. I also have pcos and dont know whether this slows down the weight loss or not but hopefully you will see some results soon. Good luck.
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I'm probably you but a few years on, I'm 24 and sz 22/24. You're doing the right thing by changing your habits now rather than in a couple of years time like me when you are really unfit. Good luck!

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