Newbie day 5 and struggling!

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Brogansmum12, 16 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Brogansmum12

    Brogansmum12 New Member

    Hiya, I started the Cambridge plan on Sunday so I'm day 5 now and it's so so difficult! I haven't slipped up yet! Got about 5 and a half stone to shift
    Keep telling myself it's all for the best but my goodness the temptation can be so bad especially when cooking for a hubby and a little girl!
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  3. Fay737731

    Fay737731 Silver Member

    Can you get your hubby to do more of the cooking so that temptation isn't there?

    You can get through it! Just think about how you will feel after your first weigh in!! Will be worth it...
  4. Lizwhite29

    Lizwhite29 Gold Member

    Day 5 was my worst day! I didn't cave and have so far lost a stone in 14 days. It gets easier i promise. If you can have an early night and hopefully you'll be a lot better tomorrow.

    Good luck x
  5. leehal

    leehal Full Member

    I struggled more on day 8, day 9 is going great though!

    Keep at it, have an early night if you can.
  6. LauraCB

    LauraCB Member

    I know how you feel! I try to make similar things for my dh and girls so they'll have the same but with carbs and a sauce! Your weigh in in two days will motivate you x
  7. MrsElms

    MrsElms Member

    No matter what keep going!!!! I know how you feel.....short term pain for long term gain!!!!

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