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Newbie Day 5 wondering about ss+

hi all I started Tuesday with my bf, the problem is we have been fine up to now. Now we are craving food any food. We are not hungry which is good just missing the phsyical part of eating. I was wondering if ppl on SS+ find it easier or harder? and if the weight loss is similar?
I am considering doing SS+ next week and may alternate the weeks would this be ok? Or is it better to do either one or the other?
I also note some ppl do SS in the week and SS+ at the weekend can this still work weight loss wise?
Sorry for all the questions, I have been reading all your sucess stories during the week and it has kept me going.
Well done and thanks in advance for your response.:D
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Cambridge Consultant
Just wanted to wish you and your bf good luck on your cd journey.
Its hard at first especially if you are taking food out the equation . I am doing ss and have been for 12 weeks so I cannot give you much advice on ss+ although I know lots of people do it and have fab results and good losses each week.. Its basically the same but you have just having a small amount of food in the evening..

Its such a fab diet.. and if your doing it together its good as you can motivate each other.. My brother is doing it too. and although we dont live together we keep each other motivated..

Talk to your cdc and I am sure she will advice you or others on here will be able to help too.

Good luck x
hi curlywurly1234 many thanks for your support. Wow your weight lose has been great :) Glad your brother is doing it with you it does make it easier. However I think my BF won't stick it for next week, think a low cal diet may just suit him better, but there is no way I am going to do the shopping or the cooking so it's his call. I will continue no matter I have to!
I will speak to CDC seeing her on Monday about SS+ as I think it maybe best for me but Monday is also the 1st WI so looking forward to that :)


Speaks as she finds
can i just say, i am not really a stickler for rules......I would consider myself to be on SS+ BUT i dont measure my portions, which usually consists of 2 chicken breasts (yes 2!!!!) and veg (and it aint 2 poxy tablespoons either!!!) and i have have steadily lost nearly 5 stone since january. I appreciate that this may not work so well when i come closer to goal (and i did have alot of weight to lose.....started at 20.1) and i will reduce my food intake then BUT in the meantime whilst the weight is coming off, my personal arrangement with myself works. Can i just state though.....I did do at least 2 solid weeks of SS first to firmly establish myself into ketosis!!
Thanks kelsocool for your response. I too have a lot to lose (starting at 18.10). Well done on your weight loss so far, that's great in a few of months.
I would be more than happy if it came off a little slower but I felt I could carry on until the end.

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