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Newbie Fatty needs motivation! :(

Hello All,

My names Nas...im 28years old and here to get support shedding at least 5-6stone. current weight is around 20st... unhappy... angry at myself..want to change.

A little about myself... I got married in March 2013 and moved 200miles away from my family to live with my inlaws.... I found out I was pregnant on my birthday...30th May this year with our first. As you can imagine both of us were absolutely ecstatic until 15weeks into my pregnancy on 6th August... our world came crashing down... I had gone up at 11pm to the loo and to shower as usual to get ready for bed and work the next day... i passed my amniotic sac at home...rushed to hosp...2hrs later i am told to give a urine sample... and as I do this... my baby passed through me into my hands...fully developed....Our firstborn was buried the following morning....

I hold a lot of weight on my stomach and blame myself for a lot of what has happened... I have no answers from doctors as to how this happened but clearly I feel the pressure of weight had caused me to not be able to carry baby and to have an incompetant cervix... possibly. I feel like ive let my husband down so badly as well as both sides of the family. During my pregnancy i had put a lot more weight on... Ive always struggled with weight... previously did the Cambridge diet and got down to 14st.... became very ill on it though.

It appears my hormones had been all over the place and docs said that weight loss would be difficult as body has gone from holding a pregnancy to not holding it anymore.

I need to lose this weight...full stop.

My husband and i are still at present on holiday in Tunisia and ive been doing a lot of thinking.... Doc has given me Xenical as a kick start...and as of tomorrow... things will change.

I plea to all those in the same boat for support through this journey...and i will do the same.

Hope to smile once again and prove to myself that this lard is only on holiday and is not staying with me anymore!!!

Lots of love
Nas xXx
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Hi Hun

I am so sorry for what you have been through especially losing your little baby.

You will get lots of help and support here losing weight.

Try to enjoy your hol hun.

Take care xxx
Oh sweetheart, I am so sorry to hear what has happened. What a horrific time for both of you that most definitely was not your fault! Sending yo uboth a huge amount of hugs.

You've come to the right place lovely, good luck xx
Hi ladies...
Day 1... had a ultraslim shake in the morning...200cals...
homemade veg soup for lunch...200cals
One apple and a banana

I only arrived back from Tunisia at 1am... landed at manchester and drove to bradford so very tired!

Planning to go to gym tonight after work.... and have soup for dinner!

It hits me everyday whats happened and i see a counsellor now... its hard because i should have been 7months now and should have had my baby on 31st jan... i just know i need to do this...for myself.
Oh hun I hope the counselling help a bit hun. You have made a massive step eating healthy hun your soup sounds nice xxx
Ladies just been at the gym...done just over an hour of cardio... feel proud as i am shattered from the trip!

Now do you think i should have home made soup for dinner or a bowl of special k with semi skimmed milk???!
So sorry to hear about all you've gone through, can't imagine how you must feel.

Well done on the gym :).

Defo go for soup, it'll be more nutritious for you so your body will thank you for it, it'll fill you up more than cereal plus it'll warm your cockles in this weather.

Thank you jen just seen this message sorry still getting the hang of this forum!

Its a emotional . rollercoaster and i sometimes just feel like giving up as i guess everyone does sometimes...i have to keep reminding myself why im doing this and that gives me the boost i need!

Rani how long have you been on your 8st mission hun? hows it going?

jen what about you..how you getting on? xx
Hi nas

I started my diet 2 weeks ago, calorie counting , lost 4lbs so far. Been overweight all my life, wish i could wave a magic wand and make the fat disappear..lol ?. How you getting on?x
Rani that is really really good well done you! How many calories are you restricting to a day? Are you doing any exercise with it?

I know how you feel about a magic wand...i would have waved it years ago!
Welcome! I'm so sorry to hear about what you've been through. You can definitely lose that weight with the support of this forum - it's really great. How many calories are you aiming for? The day's food you posted looked on the low side. Probably starting on at least 2,000 a day would be advisable. I'd advise checking your BMR online and eating at least that amount. Good luck! :) xx
Hi Tracy! lovely to meet you. ive had some input from dietician and told them im having 1200 calories a day... i have lost weight on rosemary connelys plan before whilst taking xenical and this was on 1200cals. how are you getting on?

I am on 1600-1700 per day, i defo wouldnt recommend 1200. Its to low since we have lots to lose ,thats my opinion. I couldnt do that, i would give up quick...x
And only excercise am doing is walking about to shops etc..i dont go to a gym , excercise helps but its what we eat that makes us lose weight in my opinion.xx?
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Hi Tracy! lovely to meet you. ive had some input from dietician and told them im having 1200 calories a day... i have lost weight on rosemary connelys plan before whilst taking xenical and this was on 1200cals. how are you getting on?
Hi hon! :) 1,200 is way too low, definitely. You need to eat at least your BMR, and reduce your intake as that figure goes down. If you start on 1,200 you can't reduce it any further, so when you plateau you've got nowhere to go, and losses won't be sustainable. I was 21.5 stone when I started, and I had around 2,000 at the beginning, gradually reducing it down to the 1,400 I'm on now. But I don't exercise, so you probably need more. I've lost almost 11 stone, so am maintaining now. :) xx

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