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  1. feebee

    feebee New Member

    Good evening all you beautiful ladies,

    Well I had my first meeting and nearly burst when I saw the number on the scales 20stone 3 lbs!!! I'm 28 years old and 5ft 10 :eek: its not normal to be this monster size!

    Anyway the reason for starting Cambridge Diet is that i have a new bf we met in October. He is handsome, slim and could 100% better than me, he is just wonderful. Moving on... lol he has invited me to a wedding in November (his whole family will be there)! I don't want to embarrass him in front of his family being this big, i don't want to give them something to talk about.

    I know his ex was beautiful, blonde and slim and well here is me brunette, fat and average so i have to get my bum in gear.

    I am doing SS + as i require milk in my coffee or i may go a tad crazy!

    I was wondering if anyone wants to buddy as i need all the support i need! i want to be a different person and i want to make my bf proud!

    I have been reading here for a few weeks and you ladies and gents are so inspirational.


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  3. DizzyFlowers

    DizzyFlowers Full Member

    Hey FeeBee,

    I'm sure your boyfriend is very lucky to have you! And is proud of you no matter what your size.
    You'll lose this weight for you, and you will be so proud of yourself :)
    Iv got my first meeting tomorrow quite early so tomorrow will be my first day, we can keep each other on track!
    Have you done this before? I tried about 4 years ago but had too much going on to focus fully, strangely I have more going on in my life now, working mum of two boys! But I feel like I can 100% do it now.

  4. feebee

    feebee New Member

    awwww thats so lovely, I hope your weigh in goes well. I also tried the diet about 4 years ago, but like you couldn't fully focus. Now I am on track and determined. I had my first banana tetra this morning and nearly done my first litre of water!!! Going to go home at dinner time walk my dog and have my second shake then night ill have my third. However, i think I might just go to bed early as i remember the first, second and third day just killed me lol was hungry constantly! x
  5. slimming4summer

    slimming4summer Full Member

    hi feebee today is my first day too so we can encourage each other

    i was 17 1 but only 5 ft 7 so we are probably similar build

    just having my first shake its quite nice!!! i havent told the family yet as i am working away all week this week so its easier to see how well i can stick to it

    i am doing step 2 as i need coffee and milk amd need to eat a meal in the evening!!

    your BF sounds lovely and dont worry about his previous GF amd what the family think its u that matters

  6. feebee

    feebee New Member

    Hey Sam!
    I have not told anyone either, and i won't i am going to see if they notice the weight loss then i can say.

    What flavour shake did you have, i can't do the powdered shakes i have to have the tetras so much easier as well!!!

    My bf is amazing, kind hearted and likes me for what I am now, so when im slimmer he is going to be a happy bunny and myself as wel.

    I am doing step 2 as if i didnt have coffee i would be a grumpy bum! Still rapid weight loss though!

    Im now working through my 2nd litre of water...... and not been to the loo yet >< dont want to burst the seal!

    Do you have any mini goals you are working towards?

  7. slimming4summer

    slimming4summer Full Member

    hi sorry for the late reply but i start a new job tomorrow so been sorting out alot

    i got a mix of shakes to try and had banana for breakfast which was surprisingly nice
    i got my consultant to give me a few to try

    i took lots of water with me today as i had to do alot of driving and kept drinking !!! lots of loo stops but feel good so far

    i didnt have my bar til late a bit too late i think a chocolate one and have some chicken and prawns and baby gem with some fat free vinaigrette

    i will have a strawberry tetra later

    i did have an expresso today on the way

    i did feel a bit peckish but more habit than hunger!!

    i am in a hotel tonight so got some chicken and prawns and baby gem from marks and spencer simply food the quantity is quite alot of meat which is nice but keep thinking i must be wrong!!

    hope u had a good day!!! let me know!!!

    only 500ml more water to drink for the day !!!
  8. slimming4summer

    slimming4summer Full Member

    forgot to add no i dont have mini goals yet!! if i can get to friday 100% then i will set some!! how about u?

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