Newbie - First Week on CD


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Hello you - just replied on the Pink Site!! Good to see you over here :cool:

ha ha - rumbled !!

thought it might be you ;)

got ur reply 'over there'....thanx :)



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:eek: wow! thats absolutely brill! well done!

did you find sticking to it easy?

hiya - nice to 'meet' you :)

I have to say that I did find it easy...once I got my head round the fact that I won't have any actual 'food' for quite a while...but then I've only been doin it for a week so things may change......

but thankfully, so far, so good :D



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I think the best thing about it is there's no good or bad - just don't have it! :cool:

I totally agree - don't see the point of even starting CD wothout being 110% committed to stick with it - I want to lose this weight and by God I'm gonna do it this time :D

I don't understand how people can jump in & out of it...that would be torture for me....I've made the decision to do it and that's it....

Mind you, my kids are totally confused...keep asking why I'm not having FOOD.....must've done a good job on them iro the 'healthy eating' thing :)



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As one of those that has been in and out, I have to admire your attitude. First time is golden time - make the most of it and run with it!! :D

My girls understand Mummy is doing this to be healthy - not skinny, just healthy!! :cool: They love me coming out to play hopscotch, etc with them now :D


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I think your dead on there - if you can, I think go with it the first time as if you keep jumping in and out of it it will be harder to stick to! And your right, theres no point in doing it if you arent commited!

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I think your dead on there - if you can, I think go with it the first time as if you keep jumping in and out of it it will be harder to stick to! And your right, theres no point in doing it if you arent commited!

That's what I am trying to keep in mind at the moment :(

I think once I get through my 100 days and then adjust my blog to count the 43 estimated days I have left then I will feel a bit better. I'm in limbo land until tomorrow night :rolleyes:


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Hello - new here :)

Have just finished my 1st week on CD - WI yesterday (Sat) - and pleased to report a 10lb loss :D


Hi Debz32,

Congratulations on your first week and a brill weight loss of 10lbs.!!!

This is the 'Golden Time' and it is hard to get back on the wagon when you fall off...:( :eek: :eek:

It really is so much harder...keep going and you will feel so proud of yourself.

Love Mini xxx


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Hello and well done on your weight loss!! 10lbs is fantastic.

Keep it up :)


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Spot on Debz, You sound as determined as me, I am on day 37 and shifted 26lbs, like you I am 110% commited and havent cheated, nibbled or done anything that may jeopordise (not good on spelling!) this diet at all.

Well done on your first week and good luck for this coming week, I am proud of you x


Hi Debz

I've also just finished my 1st week too & SNAP i lost 10lbs!!!

Its a great feeling isn't it to see the weight coming off!!

I've got a huge amount to lose so i hope i can stay committed to this for the long haul!

You sound so motivated, good on you!

Lorraine x


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Well done both of you on your fanatstic 10lb losses:D

General theme has crept onto this thread,anyone else noticed?

I couldn't agree more, the first time is the best time. Your enthusiasm and motivation is absolute. Never have the need for a re-start stick with it all the way to target. Don't give yourselves a break for anything, believe me, no special occasion is worth giving up SSing. Everyone thinks they can get back on it and I'm sure lots do but it's very very hard.

Keep strong and stay on track. Looking forward to hearing next weeks losses:D


Well done Debz and welcome on board!!!

Keep in touch girl and I agree with the girls the first time is golden so make the most of it!!! you won't know urself in a couple of months...

keep up the brill work

Gen xx