Newbie Food Diary!


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Hi All,

Just wondered if any of you would mind giving me some feedback on my first few days food diary never done this before so here goes...

Breakfast: Lean Bacon; Sausage; Scrambled Egg; Baked Beans
Lunch: Lean Ham, Hard Boiled Egg & Salad with Small Satsuma
Snack: Muller Light
Dinner: SW Speedy Chinese

Breakfast: Lean Bacon; Fried Egg (Frylight)
Lunch: Lean Ham, Hard Boiled Egg & Salad with Muller Light
Snack: Apple & Satsuma
Dinner: SW Spaghetti Bolognaise & Muller Light

Breakfast: Baked Beans on 1 slice wholemeal toast (No Butter)
Snack: 1 Belvita Biscuit
Lunch: Tuna Pasta made with Low Fat Fromage Frais, Spring Onions, Sweetcorn & 1 Teaspoon Light Mayo & Muller Light
Snack: Satsuma
Dinner: SW Steak & Wedges with Salad 1 teaspoon Light Mayo

Thursday - So Far!!
Breakfast: Sausage; Scrambled Egg
Lunch: 2 x New Potatoes, 1 hardboiled Egg & Salad (No Dressing) & Mixed Fruit Salad
Tonight i am out to dinner at ASK so was thinking a tomato based pasta with no meat. def no breads :cry:

Thanks x

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