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Newbie has a Question

Hi there,
I am new to slimming world, this is my 2nd week, I havent weighed in yet as my group was cancelled due to snowfall.

I need to ask a question, as I had a stressful day today and needed to just relax...

I had a ham sandwich (which is fine, as i am on the extra easy plan). But I had already had my healthy option for the day.

My question is, is it possible to use my healthy option (bread) for tomorrow today? I don't really want to use it as a syn as it's my 21st birthday meal on Sunday!

Many thanks :)
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Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
Sorry hun, but you'll need to syn it today and draw a line under it - enjoy your birthday celebrations xxx


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No sorry, unlike syns you can't carry forward HEs to the next day or borrow one from tomorrow to use today. Could you turn it into a red day as you get 2 HEBs on that? If not then just chalk it up to experience and move on. And happy birthday!
Im on extra easy, i havent been told about red or green days.
I'm just worried i wont lose weight, because I lost 2 stone over xmas as i was in hospital with appendicitis from 26/12 till 1/1 and didn't eat at all. So i am slowly getting my food intake back, and I am worried that that food will just store as fat as I was in starvation mode.
I spoke to my group consultant and she said it wouldnt but i am not convinced, and i dont have anything to weigh myself on, and have to wait until next thursday.
I am also worried about eating out on sunday because that wil be a lot of syns.

I have really been following the diet well, and havent used my syns at all really. I just get worried, and cant handle being this weight anymore!

Happy Holidays

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Meganbowles, relax & take it easy, life is for living. Get it into your head now you will have lots of syns on your birthday, & be happy about it otherwise you wont enjoy your day. If you're going to be drinking try & eat an EE meal & just use your syns on drinks. Or if you wont be drinking have your syns on your meal, simples:p

I always have wine & chocs on a Saturday with MiL so I allocate my syns on a weekly basis. You could try doing that for once. But not all people & consulants agree on having syns on weekly basis & say you should have them each day.

Whatever you do have a lovely birthday & enjoy it, the weight will come off eventually.:)
Thanks Michelle,
I will try to relax. I just find it hard to carry on diets if I dont have any weight loss.
Is there a recipes page in here, as I find lunches really hard to make and keep interesting!

Thank you everyone!