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Newbie Hello.


Bring On The New Me!
Well hello im Rae, i did try to do the Cambridge diet and completely failed. It made me feel sick and i cried non stop, with two small children i just couldn't possibly carry on so stopped. Im now thinking of starting the Celebrity slim. Was wondering when you get your down days what do you do? Any tips? Im hoping to start wednesday. Will be getting married next year too so thats my goal. xx
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Yes, been there and it's difficult. Specially when you have to prepare food for the family and they want something different (and tasty!).

What's really important is to have a support group or friend to help. I would try to go on the program with another person and even husband if he is willing!

Get into the pantry and fridge and throw out all the 'temptations'! That's a difficult one especially with your family. Also put a 'fat' picture on the fridge to remind you if you are snacking inappropriately.

Another good one is try and find the healthy food you really like so experiment with different foods etc. I love salads so it really was good for me but there is something that you like.

Remember you don't have to cut out foods, you should eat more actually to keep up your metabolism so eat plenty of fruit, vegetables, nuts, low fat yoghurts etc. I was always grazing during snack time but eating apples, nuts etc all day. Keep a healthy snack in your bag while out and keep some nuts also. Armonds are good.

There is still a certain amount of discipline with Celebrity Slim and the first 4-5 days the toughest. You will feel tired for the first few days but keep determined. If you are not tired then it's not working. Reason is you are cutting out alot of the carbs you were having so you have cravings for the high carb diet that you were having. RESIST!

Take some multivitamins also but after a while you will get all your vitamins from the product as there is plenty of vitamins and minerals present in Celebrity slim.

Also keep on the website and look for others whom have found difficult to keep going. The forum helps in keeping motivated.

Good luck.

BTW I was on CS twice and lost a total of 14 kgs in probably a total of around 8 weeks. I felt alot healthier and alot more energy. I can now wear the trendy clothes I always missed for the last 8 years!


Bring On The New Me!
Thank you so much for your post hun. I was between slimming world and celebrity slim. My sister is doing celebrity slim and has lost 4lbs in 4days. Yep shes weighing in too early lol.
Slimming world looks good so may try that for a bit and see how i go. A few of my friends swear by it though.

I have a fat picture of me on my computer n keep seeing it i hate it. I need to do this for my wedding. I have 3 weeks till im going dress shopping so would like to loose a few lbs/inches by then. xx
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Hi Anewme,

Congratulations on your wedding, you must be so excited! I've been on Celebrity Slim for 6 months now and lost 3 stone. I have just moved on to the maintenance stage and am loving re-introducing some of the old foods I loved.
It is hard with families but what I did was cook the whole family the same meal but on my plate I left out the potatoes and rice which were on their plates. Will power was hard to come by at first but after a while I just got used to it and stopped having the carb cravings.

The first week is definitely the hardest but battle through it and the second week is so much better.

Good luck with your weight loss


Bring On The New Me!
Thanks Allie, i have decided to go with slimming world to see how i go. I think my main thing is changing my eating habits. So slimming world is the way forward. xx

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