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  1. Sugarush

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    Hi guys newbie here.
    I've been lurking and watching the primal postings. Seems like a good doable plan.
    But Id like a few queries answering please?
    I've previously tried Atkins/low carb.
    How do I work out my daily carb and protein requirements?
    I've got a couple of the books but its not clear to me how to work it out.
    I'm a type 2 diabetic on 2g of slow release metformin daily. My HbA1c is 65.
    I really want to loose some weight, reduce my Hba1c and have my energy back.
    My current weight is 184 lbs and 170cm.

    Any pointers gratefully received!!!
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  3. Sugarush

    Sugarush New Member

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    Ive worked out that my lean body mass is 112 and being moderately active that would equate to 90g of protein per day along with 80g carbs.
    Is that about right??
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    Primal eating
    Hi why don't you have a look at marks daily apple :) there is a carb curve and loads of other information :)

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