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newbie ... help!

hello everyone
i have strated lipotrim and want to continue for four weeks, i will be back at work by then and dont wantt o have to have shakes while at work so would like to be refeeding and on maintenance by then! i want to lose 2 n half stone to 3 stone. i am always yo yo'ing and as i was stuck in a rut i decided to do lipotrim, iniatially to give me a kickstart. i have read so much on it and realise that the refeeding and maintenance are very important! finding it tough this weekend because there is so much on in relation to food n drink. i got weighed two days ago and i am down 11 pds. was delighted iniatially but today im finding it hard. was wondering when in maintenace does drink come in? the thing i find good with lipotrim is that im not picking! however im worried about this once i start eating and work again...im a teacher...staff room=biscuits, sweets etc....advice much appreciated
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hmm thats a tough one i dont know anything about the refeed or maintanance(bad spelling) lol and i think thats a big goal for 4 weeks but if you try hard im sure youll get it or very close. i think the maintanance starts when you reach your target talk to your chemist im sure they will advise you. good luck on your journey x x x


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Hello and :welcome2:

Good luck on your weight loss journey ! :)
hey stormwind thats a great loss you have had so far. what type of exercise do you do. i see we have the same sort of goal how long have you been on this diet x x


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Heya !
Exercise mainly consists of walking my dogs more and more ( their poor legs are a few inches shorter Im sure ) :rolleyes: .. playing on the Wii with my son .. new exercise bike coming tomorrow so can add that too ! I would do the gym, but I feel so self conscious at the minute :sigh: ..
Not doing any particular diet , just watching what I eat , have cut out ALL crisps, chocolate and all that nice stuff :wave_cry: ..
It seems a far away goal to achieve but you can do it , WE can do it !! You have done well so far ! :) Good luck !
hi and :welcome: to the forums! Good luck on your weight loss journey

Sharkbait1983 x


Never give up
Hiya haveto! Good luck with your lipotrim journey - I hope you lose loads - you've already done brilliantly for your first week! :D

Don't place too many restrictions on when to stop just yet, you could easily do the shakes at school (there are plenty of other teachers here who will give you tips I'm sure). I also work somewhere where sweets are constantly open and being waved under my nose, :rolleyes: but 4 weeks in I'd say that won't bother you in the slightest!

I do my first shake at lunchtime, then have my other two at home - it's doable! Play it by ear!
You could take the 'flapjacks' or soup to work instaed of a shake to make it look like you're eating?
Maintainence comes after refeeding where you maintain your loss on lipotrim.

Clair x

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