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Newbie here but not new to fighting the fat!

Hey all..

I've been reading this site for a few days and thought I'd join.
I'm a lapband patient for 2.5 years.. having lost 40 pounds in the first six months and then nothing afterwards.. I was 260 pounds.

I'm now 4 months into a new exercise regime. I work out twice a day, six days a week for a minimum of 1 hour each session. I also have a personal trainer three days a week who is fabulous at kicking my arse. I"m seeing my shape change for the first time in years.. I've lost another 22 pounds through this exercise in the 4 months.. but it's going SO SLOWLY. (I'm using the savings I'd saved for a car for years to pay for my gym and PT! why not?).. anyway. I love the gym but really want to see better results with my weight and a good diet. The gym wanted me on low fat / low cal but 1500 cals didn't do anything for me even when I was burning up to 4,000 cals a day some days!

I've been looking at the Lipotrim success rates and wonder if anyone knows if it's available (or something similar) in the US? (I'm in Miami). Can it be done with other weight loss shakes?
It looks incredibly difficult but I think I can do it with the support of friends I hope to make on here.

ANyway.. I hope to meet some of you on here soon and hopefully beat this fat once and for all. I still have another FIFTY pounds to go.

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Sorry i dont know anything about Lipotrim! But well done on your weight loss you are doing fab keep it up :) and welcome xx
Hiya Kizzie, At the moment i am doing Slim Fast i have been on that for 4 days so far it has been ok! I dont really know how i am doing until i WI on Thursday. You are up late! I m on nightshift at work :)
i see people have all the luck.... I m in scotland its 4.30am here i am soooo tired lol xx
lol i have just come off low carb and giving slim fast a go. Low carb is good because it stops u craving sugar etc and u r not hungry at all after a few days! I need a break from it though because after a while all the meat etc u just want something different.
I find that low carb is the only thing that works for me. As soon as I have any carbs I go nuts and need more. It's like a drug! ... so I'm trying again. Two weeks induction and then the normal eating bit.. I just wanted to find out if I could get hold of that LIPOTRIM in the US. I would love to think I've got the willpower to stick to it. A friend of mine in the UK has lost almost 3 stone in FIVE weeks!! incredible. I wonder how healthy it is.. but with doctors recommending it and following the client it can't be 'that' unhealthy!
maybe i should do lipotrim lol!! i havent really heard much about it! There are so many diets and i wonder if any can really give miracle results to be honest. I would give my right arm and leg to loose 3 stone in 5 weeks thats amazing!! I suppose we have to remember that all our bodies react differently i will read up on it and get back to you!
I know how hard it is. I even had Lapband surgery I was so desperate but that only works in the first months after surgery.. then it's down to willpower again.. I haven't gained THANK GOD.. I just wonder how much willpower a person needs for LIPOTRIM... it's so restricting. My friend lost 12 pounds the first week (She was 17 stone) obviously mostly water.. but thereafter 3, 4, 5 pounds incredible.. no amount of exercising -and believe me when I say.. I've been going at it for four months and on a low cal diet combined- has ever given me those results.. She's basically on three shakes and three litres of water a day. I'm sure other Lipotrim dieters will comment if they read this thread.. but wow.. I struggle on Atkins.. and this is the only diet I don't crave sweet things!. Let me know what you think!
i did the cambridge diet once b4 that was total meal replacement! I quite liked it i lost 14lbs the first week. At the time my only problem was that i couldnt aford to sustain it so ended up having to give up :( I think if i had been able to stick with that i would have for sure lost weight quite quickly! Maybe there are simialar total meal replacement diets where you live!
maybe, I just really worry about the re-introduction of food again. .. but then something has to work!..and maybe after being on total meal replacement you're retrained? I don't know.. all these diets give me headaches.. In reality, they ALL work (from Cabbage soup, to grapefruit, to cayenne pepper and maple syrup diets)it's a matter of sticking to them and controlling your re-introduction to regular food again..which is probably where we all need the real training... otherwise we wouldn't be overweight in the first place!..

Waffling now.. sorry.. and I'm new here.. LOL..

waffeling works for me!! I like talking about anything and everything i m a right waffeler lol! You are helping me stay awake its nearly 5.30am now really struggling not to sleep lol! I finish at 8am i cant wait to go home to my bed :) i must drink some black coffee or i will never last the 2 and a half hours i have left lol. I may go back and try the cambridge diet again i will give SF a few weeks and see how i go on this first.
ha.. I'm glad to meet a fellow 'waffler'! ha..
I'm googling Total Meal Replacement diets in Miami and can't find any. I'm wondering if I just restrict my food intake and stick to my Atkins shakes (for protein) and continue my vitamin and water intake if I'll see similar results. I'm looking for the nutritional tables to find out what's in those Lipotrims!.. Glad to keep you company.. but bad news is that I'll be going to sleep soon.. SORRY!.. although I am SO glad I've found this website.. there are so many people doing so many different diets.. it's encouraging!.. I think we all know what works for our own bodies.. I just want to see some weight off again.. My trainer is even getting frustrated and changes up my workouts to make me work harder.. I sweat my ass off every single day!.. hehe..

Oh I did have one of those metabolism checks at an endocrinologist years ago and he found that my basic rate was HALF of a 'normal' person.. who burns about 1500 cals without doing anything.. just the body working at rest.. mine was 900 cals.. so I really do have a sluggish metabolism.. and with an underactive thyroid this is made worse. I really need a very little amount of food each day..

If you can get back on Cambridge go for it. I said in my opening post. I am using my car savings to pay for gym membership and personal training!.. worth it in my book. I don't smoke.. drink or do much else.. so my health is benefitting.. (and I've leased a car.. much cheaper!!)

waffle waffle waffle.. (not waffles with syrup and butter..that's just cruel!) ha
lol Yeah i have to start cleaning soon and have a wee bit of typing to do before i go home. I think i m going to give slim fast a fair go for a few weeks and i like being able to look forward to some food each day!

I split up with my boyfriend although i am so so sad about it :( i do always loose weight much more sucessfully when i am single :) So in a years time he will be gutted he ever left me (We r still friends)

I am so tired this is awful i m going to get some fresh cold air and see if that can wake me up otherwise i will be fast asleep when the day shift turn up for work lol!!

I am sure someplace where u r they must have some form of total meal replacement surely!! Low carb is good though i lost about 3 and a half stone on low carb and i wasnt interested in sweets etc. How ever it just took a flu bug where all i could eat was toast to knock me right off track! Anyways i look forward to getting to know you better through our journeys :)
Right back at you!.. I hope you manage to stay awake!.. Sorry to hear about your break up. That can be really tough.. but you sound like you've got things figured out and you're using your heartache positively with your weight loss goals!.

The low carb is hard .. I just need a good week of staying on track and I'll stick with it.. just have to be careful not to go crazy on carbs when I re-introduce them.. and keep getting back into it. I did it last year for two weeks and lost 20 pounds.. only to put it back on again over Easter and my birthday.. bloody chocolate will be the death of me!.. Thankfully Atkins do their own chocolate bars.. so if I do want one (after induction) I can satisfy the craving safely.. I just don't want to have to turn to chocolate for comfort as I have for so long.. so probably best to go cold turkey and not have any at all!

Good luck staying awake.. and I'll see you on here soon!.
yeah i d just stay away from it but then i struggle with eating the things i like in moderation i m best just not having any at all! I would never ever be one of these people with amazing will power who could eat one square and stop i d have to eat the lot lol Probably a square at a time thinking oh one more wont hurt until it is all gone.

Speak soon x
How did you do at work? I hope you slept well!.. How do you manage with your eating when you work nights. I used to suffer terrible gas working nights.. my whole body was screwed up!

I totally get you when you talk about chocolate. I can't eat ONE PIECE!.. just ridiculous.. I will keep going until that bar is done.. otherwise it's calling my name until I do!..

Starting very strict on my ATKINS plan today. I have my shake ready for breakfast.. and I'll have one at lunch too.. probably have something very simple for dinner..and guzzle my way through loads of water (it's humid here so I need to drink.. even though I can't stand the taste of water!)...

chat soon!

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