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Newbie Here, Day 2 Almost over!!

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Hello Everyone

My names Rachael, (and im a foodaholic) I am 22, and have been dieting since i was in year 6 - so think that would make me about 10/11.

Having met my other half my weight has gone up and up, and because of that i have stopped going out because i am too ashamed of myself :| So with the wedding just 9 weeks away i am fed up of hiding, and i know i can do it because i have done it before - i just need to try and stay focused and positive. I started yesterday first full day, and that was fine as i was so busy.

I am just finishing day two and its getting harder as i get hungrier - Other half is currently cooking Bacona nd eggs and the smell is wafting in to me and i am dribbling at it :( My belly is yelling at me to get it. I am resisting though :( Trying to.

How do you all cope? Do you have hobbies?

Cant wait for my first weigh in to check if its all worth it!
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oh it will be worth it rachel and welcome, very exciting u gettin married, what will u do about dress thou when u lose the weight have u it picked yet?

make sure and drink between 2 and 4 ltrs of water each day, it will keep u full honestly, the 1st few days are the worst but keep your goal in mind and you head focused and u will get there, dont cheat and your weigh in will keep u goin for the next week :) best of luck missus :)
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You'll be hungry for the first few days; up to about a week, then ketosis will kick in & I promise the food won't bother you anywhere near as much; I actually enjoy the smell of food now without being annoyed I can't have it.

Coming on here is great for passing some time when you're feeling a bit weak on the diet! & don't let it get in the way of you going out.

Good luck with the diet! The wedding is a great thing to work towards!



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Welcome rachel it is well worth it, look at other threads here and you will see


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Welcome !

Good luck with your diet - it does get easier.
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Welcome Rachael & Good Luck!

It does get easier and from reading the forums, It is soooo worth it!!

I`m a newbie too (on day 6)

LiSe Xxx


Life is not a Rehersal!
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Hi Rachel

And, welcome to you and congratulations on your impending wedding! 9 weeks....waw, you must be mad busy and I am sure you have lots of things things to keep your mind busy and occupied!!

You have made a great decision, albiet if difficult, but it is worth it. You should be able to lose the weight in that time, no problem at all.

Once you get into ketosis, then that is when it becomes a little easier. The first few days you will experieince fogginess, headaches and extreme hunger, but that eventually fades and you just get to look forwar to Wk 1 WI and then every weigh in after. Just remember, you will have to re-feed in around Wk 7 to avoid any weight gain before the big day!!!! Then remember, try and remain on healthy eating regime to avoid weight gain afterwards too.

I do keep myself very busy, one with working full time, and I have done an enormous amount of cooking on whilst on the diet. It has been liberating because I have cooked things I would never have done before, BECAUSE I didnt need to eat them..so, that has kept me busy.

I exercise now and I have allotments so I try and get outside until around 9-10 pm at night, then I get onto the forum...so, there is never a time where I am sitting doing nothing....as that can be the time when people and myself included can pick.

Keep focussed, at least you have something to drive you along, and when you feel like caving in, get on here and tell everyone...the support is next to nothing and you will be helped along the way!

Keep drinking like the others said...min 2 litres, max 4lts..the more the better!!

Good luck and you will do it in 9 weeks, just remember to keep positive and dont start moaning that you cant eat, just keep looking to your ultimate goal and that lovely dress you will wear.

Take care


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I managed to begin with by avoiding food, but now I enjoy smelling the food, I feel that if I get a real big sniff of the food that I have 'had some'. seems a bit mad but it works for me.
Best of luck. Keep your eye on the goal, that will keep you going
S: 17st1lb C: 11st9lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 27.1 Loss: 5st6lb(31.8%)
I feel that if I get a real big sniff of the food that I have 'had some'. seems a bit mad but it works for me.
Haha I have been doing this all week since I started LT! My kids think i`m a weirdo lmao

:)hi my name is julie i only just registered with this site ive done slimming world before and it worked !!!!!!!! i went of rails by having another baby and and enjoying a glass or two of wine just noticed you said your other half frying bacon egg ect and making you hungry well you could eat that to i just had grilled bacon mushrooms beans egg tomatoes and two toast a healthy breakfast no syns !!!!!!!!!!


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julie123 - that's a really good way of feeling you're not missing out! unfortunately us on lipotrim can have any food at all so we'll just have to wait to grill our bacon! xx


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welcome and good luck, you will be fine and its so worth it i done TFR last year for 4 months and lost 5 stone i stopped when i reached the top end of my ideal weight i would like to be mid range so am starting it again today for 3/4/weeks and am hoping to lose another stone.
its a great diet just remember to keep supping your water xx

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